Question of the day: who believed the French "coronavirus" suicider doctor?

Question of the day: who believed the French "coronavirus" suicider doctor?
Question of the day: who believed the French "coronavirus" suicider doctor?
7 April 2020, 00:35Society
The doctor of the French football club Reims Bernard Gonzalez committed suicide. According to foreign and Russian media Gonzalez and his wife were recently diagnosed with coronavirus and this pushed him to take such a step. "Novye Izvestia" have a doubt about this version.

Sergey Lvov

“Gonzalez was a great and recognized pro, appreciated by all. Now my thoughts are with his parents, wife and family. He became a collateral victim of COVID-19 because he was infected with it ... I know that he left a note to explain his gesture. However, I continue to ignore its content, ”said Mayor of Reims Arno Robine.

From our side we may add: this is correct that the Mayor, unlike the gullible football community, IGNORES the contents of the note. Because the presence of coronavirus could not itself provoke a suicide.

Firstly, the deceased was a doctor who had a huge longstanding practice and a higher medical education. And who, if not the doctor, should know that the probability of death from a coronavirus is no more than the usual grippe. Fortunately, the statistics of most countries brilliantly confirm this. So there was no reasonable sense to get ahead of events for Gonzalez.

Secondly, as a doctor, he knew very well that the treatment of coronavirus was no more painful for a patient than the treatment of widespread pneumonia - with the exception of completely "deadly" conditions with complete hypoxia and the need to be connected to mechanical ventilation. And this is not comparable with the pains and sufferings suffered by cancer patients in the last stage.

Thirdly, the conclusion suggests itself that the coronavirus had nothing to do with the death of the doctor. Most likely, the suicide at the last moment decided to find an excuse that seemed to justify him. And the causes of suicide lay in a completely different plane and arose, presumably, not at the time the diagnosis was announced.

The conclusion is simple: citizens are readers! Do not be fooled and do not in any way project the situation with Dr. Gonzalez onto yourself - if, God forbid! - and you will find the coronavirus.


Just on the eve, by the way, the European media reported the miraculous healing of the Italian 104-year-old grandmother Ada Zanusso. Which has become a living symbol of the fact that the coronavirus is not so terrible as it is painted.

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