Enter the road - pay a fine: the authorities deliberately come up with new punishments

Enter the road - pay a fine: the authorities deliberately come up with new punishments
7 April , 14:33Society
The new initiative of officials to tighten the speed limit caused a storm of protests from Russian motorists.

Social activist Peter Shkumatov scored the alarm about another "wise" initiatives by the authorities in the fight for the "road safety". Its essence is as follows: to fine with the help of cameras for exceeding under dynamic signs (light information boards on highways). Here is what Shkumatov writes:

“The initiative to connect cameras to dynamic signs is absolutely cannibalistic and will lead to the fact that there will be so many fines that there will not be enough railroad trains to take out the money; container ships of the Evergreen type will have to be connected. I explain why:

  1. Today it is simply impossible to drive anywhere without a navigator because the speed limit on the road can change so often and so unpredictably (all in the name of safety, of course) that in order not to get fines, one must look not at the road, but at all these garlands of signs.
  2. A sign of variable information or a dynamic sign is a substitution, worse than which it is simply impossible to think of. Some clerk, whom you have not seen and who can sit 1000 km away from you, driving on the road, decided that instead of 100 km / h, now the limit is 40 km / h for 2 hours. And you immediately received 10 penalties for exceeding +60 for the collar. It will be impossible to appeal these fines, as well as to understand why this unknown comrade, who is not our comrade, made such a strange decision.
  3. The situation is even worse when this most remote clerk, who manipulates signs online, is not driven by malicious intent, but he simply does not care. For example, on the M11 Neva all winter these dynamic signs show 90! OUT OF DEPENDENCE ON ANYTHING! Snowfall / hurricane / blizzard? 90! Perfect weather and dry road? 90! Non-existent renovation? Limit 60 for 10 kilometers. When cameras are connected to this trash and vinaigrette, there will be simply endless horror without end!

If this is not stopped, then just horror-horror-horror will happen. What can you personally do:

  1. Write an electronic appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs / Putin / government with categorical indignation from this initiative. Do not use mat, they urn such letters. Be polite.
  2. Repost this post and tell your friends about the endless penalty hell that is coming. Let them tell their friends too. Many people simply do not know.
  3. Think of something yourself, because I can't do it alone, I need support..."


Shkumatov's readers massively supported the initiative, expressing their claims to the authorities.

- In an undemocratic country, laws are passed in the interests of the elites, not the people. But at the same time, the elites may not comply with the law without special consequences for themselves, and the people are obliged to comply with the laws to the last comma and will be fined strictly in case of violation.

It has been repeatedly announced that the frequent change of the speed limit increases the accident rate. But it also increases the collection of fines. Those. such a regime is not in the interests of the people for sure. At the same time, the people can actually change nothing.

Example: Mozhaisk highway, in the direction of Moscow after the village of Perkhushkovo there is an overpass through the railway. Bumpers for pedestrians, two rows in each direction, high-quality asphalt, complete safety. Speed limit 60 km / h. On the highway! Moreover, not so long ago, sign 40 appeared before this overpass! And 50 meters after him - the Oka machine, with a camera on the roof.

Ok, there is a settlement, there is a transition. But this is a highway. Provide a pedestrian traffic light with a button on request. No. Because such a traffic light gives 100% security, and 0% violations, and therefore does not make the economy. But the sign 40 and the camera pour money in a stream.

And we all understand that the amount of fines is clearly defined in the average income of car-mobilized citizens. It is installed so that they could pay quite easily. What does it mean? This is marketing for the sale of indulgences. And it is about driving danger on the road, not safety. It is clear that this is a cry into the void, now the whole country is subordinated to the principle of collecting money from the population.

- Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the city has a limit of 60. People proceed from this when choosing a speed limit. But there are separate streets, for example, in Medvedkovo Shirokaya street (by the way, it is wide in name and width), where some of the clerks came to the city to hang 40. Despite the fact that this is not due to any peculiarities of road conditions. And you accidentally exceed 60 there and get a fine. But at the same time there is no threat to security. When there is no goal to pay a fine, people design roads in such a way that the speed limit matches the road conditions. If you need 40 or 30, the carriageway is narrowed, curbs and other elements are installed, so it is simply impossible to drive 60 or 80. And most importantly, on average, everything should be standard, familiar and predictable. So that everything does not constantly change, the driver did not get nervous, trying to understand how the markings and signs are changing, and his traffic situation did not force him to make mistakes, get fines and create a danger to traffic and pedestrians...

- There are different levels of decision making and different consequences of certain actions. Not so long ago, a couple of years ago, Putin publicly stated that their goal is to bring deaths on the roads to zero by 2035, if I remember correctly. Any sober person understands that this is terry idealism. Only theoretically, the goals of idealists look beautiful and attractive: "I want everyone to live happily ever after, and no one ever dies." In reality, fighting for such goals can bring much more grief than refusing to do anything at all.

I don’t know why Putin said this, but the initially vicious goal, which entered the bureaucratic apparatus as a directive, launched an inexorable mechanism for turning everyday life into sheer absurdity. Naturally, those who are smarter and who are accustomed to feeding under the government instantly came up with 400 relatively honest ways to take money from the population as part of the implementation of government decisions.

And now a wave of initiatives aimed at "security" (one of the most vile words of two decades after 9/11) is being thrown down on us. Cameras are everywhere. Limitation signs are constantly changing, completely insane. But if you ask the traffic organizers why they are doing this, they will, of course, nod upward: there is a directive, we are only doing it.

The higher a person climbs up the hierarchical ladder, the more conscious he should be. Here, when you have 1-2 subordinates, sometimes you think hard what and how to say so as not to harm others. When the life of an entire country sometimes depends on your words, you need to think 200 times before opening your mouth. Listen to other people, collect opinions, fit the future decision into the contours of the life that has already taken shape.

But now the government has completely lost the sense of competition. The political sphere is so cleansed that no one at all remembers what it is like to be responsible for their decisions, and even more so to fly out of the power hierarchy. Such a system naturally gives rise to a demand for an idealistic understanding of the world. People begin to think that they are the chosen ones, that they were kissed by a god, that a shaman helped them, that they are the salt of the earth, that they are fighting for eternal values and another 500 shades of well-known delirium. This means that their decisions cannot be questioned by those who are "from the bottom"...

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