More than a third of employees want to change their profession

More than a third of employees want to change their profession
7 April , 13:26Society
35% of Russians who have work experience would like to change their professional field if they had such an opportunity.

Such data follows from a survey conducted by the SuperJob service. The results of the study are cited by Interfax. Analysts noted that mainly citizens in the age category from 25 to 34 are thinking about changing their profession - 39%.

Moreover, dissatisfied with their current profession, mostly women. Those are 39%. Whereas 32% of men are ready to change their professional activity.

Most often, economists - 39%, technologists - 36%, accountants - 35% say about the desire to do something else.

44% of respondents argue that if they had to choose a profession again, they would stop in the area in which they are engaged today. 47% of such answers fall on the category of people over 45 years old.

The most faithful to their profession were women - 48%. Among men, there are slightly fewer of those who showed constancy of choice - 39%. Programmers want to change jobs least of all - 80% of these specialists, 77% of architects, 75% of designers are sure of the correctness of their choice. In addition, 72% of sports coaches, 70% of doctors, 69% of psychologists, 68% of hairdressers, 61% of surveyors, 60% of analysts, 59% of auto mechanics and 58% of nurses were faithful to their work.

46% of technologists, 45% of ecologists and 44% of media representatives want to remain in their profession less than others.

At the same time, a quarter of Russians have already changed their profession - during a pandemic. Basically, those who were previously employed in production and in industry went into another sphere of activity.

Previously, SuperJob analysts found that the majority of Russians want to change their profession, and 44% are ready for radical changes in their field of activity.

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