Slander, cross-checks, eviction: the Museum of the folk toy "Zabavushka" has no time for amusements

Slander, cross-checks, eviction: the Museum of the folk toy "Zabavushka" has no time for amusements

7 April , 14:40
“We want to be left alone, to stop torturing us with endless checks. We have already checked everything that is possible, and several times! We want to continue to work normally and give children the joy of getting to know the traditions of Russia!”.

These are the words of Yelena Galenko, director of the Zabavushka Museum of Folk Toy, and she said it with bitterness (the name of the museum can be translated as amusements, fun, entertainment - editor's note).

Maria Dubinskaya

The collection of the Moscow Museum "Zabavushka", which was founded by the Regional Public Organization Society for Support and Implementation of Cultural, Sports and Social Programs "Tradition", has more than 7000 exhibits. A totally unique collection.

These are traditional toys from Russia and other countries made of various natural materials - clay, wood, birch bark, straw, corn leaf and others; and traditional patchwork dolls from different regions of Russia; and items of peasant life; and elements of traditional female costume from different regions of Russia.

“Behind the outward simplicity of a traditional toy, there is something more significant than just a souvenir trinket. This is a whole area of decorative creativity, which has absorbed the most valuable traditions of folk art. Through these small creations, the connection of times, the continuity of culture is preserved. And at the same time, toys created by folk craftsmen are products of living crafts, the works of living masters.

Today it is almost impossible to see a child playing with a traditional toy. In the minds of children and their parents, a folk toy is associated either with a museum exhibit or with souvenirs, and not so long ago, both the heirs of the royal throne and peasant children played a folk toy in Russia. But at our exhibitions and master classes, we see: a folk toy is interesting for modern children, touching it gives something that no "gadgets" will ever give, "the Zabavushka employees say.

This museum employs real enthusiasts and devotees who do not allow important folk traditions to wither away. These are people with big hearts who are not indifferent to how children grow up today. Over the 23 years of its existence, the organization has held hundreds of free educational and charitable events for people of different ages (including children with disabilities), supported dozens of handicraftsmen.

Директор Музея народной игрушки «Забавушка» Елена Галенко и председатель РОО Общество «Традиция» Алексей Санкин в 2018 году получили грант Мэра Москвы в конкурсе для некоммерческих организаций.

But in the last few years, according to a member of the Coordination Council of the ROO Society "Tradition" and director of the Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" Yelena Galenko, ROO Society "Tradition" lives like a powder keg. And it is absolutely clear where this is going: they simply want to throw the organization out into the street.

This is what Yelena Gennadevna told Novye Izvestia.

Our Regional Public Organization Society for Support and Implementation of Cultural, Sports and Social Programs“ Tradition ”has been operating since 1998. The main goal of the organization is to popularize folk art, implement projects in the field of culture and sports, foster patriotism based on knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of their country.


The main long-term project of the organization is the Zabavushka Folk Toy Museum, known not only in Russia, but also abroad. In 2010, two French cities (Hyères and Nimes) successfully hosted exhibitions of Russian folk toys from the collection of the Zabavushka Folk Toy Museum as part of the cultural program of the Year of Russia in France.

The key goal of the Zabavushka museum is to acquaint a modern child with a Russian folk toy, which is the country's cultural heritage, to arouse interest in it, to show that a traditional toy at all times, despite the abundance of modern toys, computer games and gadgets, is always relevant and children they play it with pleasure when given the opportunity.

All excursions in the museum are conducted in an interactive form, when children, from preschool to senior school age, as well as students, constantly contact with an authentic traditional toy, receive various creative tasks, and also play with it. And in this way, in a familiar playful way, both children and already quite adults get acquainted with folk art, with the traditions of their country.

In 2016, the Society "Tradition", guided by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of December 31, 2015 No. 683 "On the strategy of national security of the Russian Federation" (section III. Clauses 30, 31) developed the project Interactive cultural and educational center "Tradition", which presupposes a permanent set of measures aimed at preserving and supporting folk crafts, primarily toys; popularization of the cultural heritage of Russia in their own country and abroad; introduction to the traditional culture of the younger generation; fostering respect for the culture and cultural heritage of the peoples of different regions of Russia and other countries; popularization of traditional martial arts and outdoor games, including sports. In the fall of 2016, the project was presented to the general public. The press conference was attended by representatives of the Moscow government, the Federal Property Management Agency, a State Duma deputy and other public figures.

The basis of the project, as I have already explained, is the permanently operating Museum of the folk toy "Zabavushka".

Since 2011, the Society "Tradition" has used the federal property complex located at 1-ya Pugachevskaya st. 17, p. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 under a lease agreement. And from that time in the building number 5 to the present time is the Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka".

Immediately I draw your attention to the fact that almost all buildings are buildings of the pre-revolutionary and pre-war times.


In the summer of 2017, our organization turned to the Federal Property Management Agency, which decided to provide the federal property complex at the above address for free use for the statutory activities of the organization, including for the implementation of the Tradition Interactive Cultural and Educational Center project.

In November 2017, a gratuitous use agreement was concluded.

It is worth noting that at the time of the transfer one of the buildings was destroyed (building No. 4), part of the other building - No. 5 - was also in a dilapidated state, there were redevelopments inside the buildings.

The Society "Tradition", in spite of these problems, adopted the federal property complex, since it did not have to choose, and the premises for the museum's work and the implementation of the project were necessary. But it is important to note that back in 2011, when there was a lease agreement, some of the premises could only be used after cosmetic repairs. Therefore, before placing the exposition of the museum, placing the administration of the organization, the Society "Tradition" made the necessary cosmetic repairs at its own expense.

And be that as it may, as a result, the main task was solved - from now on we have a place to work for which you do not have to pay rent!

However, even before the signing of the agreement, in the fall of 2016, a black streak began for our organization, which continues to this day. In connection with the recent events, we decided to contact Novye Izvestia in order to make the current events public and, thus, draw the attention of the general public to the problem that has arisen and - we hope! - get help in the circumstances.

Since 2016, numerous complaints from two former employees of the RPO Society "Tradition", who were operating on the territory of the federal complex long before the Society "Tradition" appeared there, began to pour in to various authorities on the Society "Tradition".

At first, in 2011, when there was still a lease agreement, they showed themselves from the very best side - they provided assistance in solving technical issues, because they had been on this territory for a long time and knew it well. A little later, in 2012, they became members of the organization and even members of the Coordination Council.

And two years later, in 2014, it suddenly turned out that they were carrying out illegal activities and using federal property for their own selfish purposes. The names of these citizens are V. G. Babin and A. V. Landyshev.

Both were convicted on the verdict of the Preobrazhensky Court, although, by the way, it was completely different from the article under which the criminal case was initiated, so they were released quickly - in 2016. The first thing that Babin and Landyshev tried to do was to get back to work through the courts. But when the attempt was unsuccessful, then it all started ...

In the period from the fall of 2016 to the present, about 50 (!!!) unscheduled inspections were carried out in the Tradition Society, not counting the numerous visits of the Preobrazhenskoye OMVD officers.

Among the auditors there are such organizations as the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rosreestr, TU Rosimushchestvo in Moscow, the Prosecutor's Office, the Department of Economic Crimes, Mosgosstroynadzor and others, and all of these organizations came with an audit several times .

What a check is, probably, many readers know: these are explanations (both oral and written), preparation of a pile of documents, time spent, a fair amount of hassle.

As a rule, all the inspectors demanded to provide the documents very quickly, so the employees of the organization, instead of doing their main job, were involved in searching and printing documents, sometimes it came to the point that the appendices to the explanations were about 400 sheets (it is not clear, by the way, who their then studied it!).

On the one hand, there is the Federal Law "On the Procedure for Considering Applications of Citizens of the Russian Federation" dated 02.05.2006 N 59-FZ, according to which the authorities must respond to the "signals" of citizens. This law protects the rights of citizens who write applications and complaints, but does not at all provide for the protection of the rights of those against whom these complaints are written, even if most of the complaints are open slander or distortion of facts, and even if they write on the same issue several times! They check it anyway.

We showed all the inspectors the Zabavushka Museum of the Folk Toy, which presents traditional toys not only from the current crafts in different regions of Russia, but also, unfortunately, already extinct; authentic objects of peasant life, traditional rag doll.

Everyone saw that we were doing a real thing, but almost everyone has the same goal - to identify at least some violation and punish!

The motive of citizens V. G. Babin and A. V. Landyshev is obvious - revenge, since they were not recruited again.


The representatives of the auditing structures are well aware of this, but this fact, with rare exceptions, does not stop the auditors.

TOTAL: Abusing their right, skillfully manipulating the law, Babin and Landyshev, former criminals, have been systematically and methodically trying for five years to destroy our organization , which turns 23 this year, with the help of state structures.

For five years we have been living like a powder keg, not knowing who and when will come to check on us and what the result will be the punishment.

And then came the climax.

In February of this year, there was another, unscheduled inspection by the TU Rosimushchestvo in Moscow. A whole delegation came - seven people.

The members of the commission received answers to all questions, moreover, in writing with the attachment of supporting documents.

The documents were handed over personally to one of the commission members on February 10 this year.

According to him, the inspection report was almost ready. But we never received the act and, accordingly, the head of the Tradition Society did not sign it.

But on March 29, the organization received a Notice from the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow about the unilateral termination of the agreement, since we, the organization, allegedly “violate” all possible clauses of the free use agreement.

It turns out that we are “to blame” for the destruction of that very building No. 4 in 2006, we “destroyed” part of building No. 5 and all other violations were made by us too!

And the fact that the unsatisfactory condition of these buildings and other facts of violations were repeatedly noted in all previous acts of inspections in the period from 2009 to 2017, when no claims were made to the organization, this is not taken into account.

It also does not take into account the fact that the condition of all buildings is reflected in the technical expertise, which is an integral part of the contract for free use. It is also not taken into account that the organization is investing money in the current repairs of buildings built before the war and, apparently, have never seen a normal repair in principle.

It is also not taken into account that the organization regularly pays all utility bills, for which there are no benefits.

Free use is only an exemption from rent. That is, according to the Notice, the Tradition Society should be responsible for absolutely everything, including for what happened many years ago before it began to conduct its activities on the territory of the federal property complex!

I would also like to say that the first attempt to terminate the contract was made in April 2019 (of course, after another unscheduled inspection). But then at least there was an act in which, however, also responsibility for all violations was assigned to the Society "Tradition", the act was challenged in court and the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow for some time left us alone. But not for long. And this time they did not even show us the act and did not provide for signature, ignored all the documents provided, did not give us the right to file objections.

This is the second attempt in just two years. It is very likely that, under any pretext, they want to simply deprive us of the premises that were provided to us for use until 2032.

Therefore, there is a clear feeling that there is an order that someone from the Federal Property Management Agency and / or the Technical Department of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow is working on. So much for the corruption component!

So what happens? The management of the Federal Property Management Agency and the Technical Department of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow in 2017 supports the RPO Society "Tradition" and decides to provide federal premises for free use for conducting its statutory activities aimed at popularizing folk art, traditions of our country, introducing the growing and adult population to cultural values. However, since 2018, when the leadership of the Federal Property Management Agency changed, and the leadership of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow is constantly changing (since the spring of 2018, the third head has been already), the situation has changed dramatically. That is, some provided premises, assisted a non-profit organization, while others almost immediately after their arrival try to take these premises in any way!

We are sure that our situation, unfortunately, is far from the only one.

The question arises: who should you turn to in order to stop this arbitrariness on the part of certain officials from government agencies in relation to non-profit organizations? Whose attention should be drawn to this problem?

On the one hand, the President of Russia and the Mayor of Moscow announce competitions for grants for non-profit organizations, providing real financial support to the winners (RPO Society "Tradition" received a grant from the Mayor of Moscow in 2018), the Ministry of Economic Development is forming a register of socially oriented NGOs, which includes our organization, on the other hand, the current leadership of the Federal Property Management Agency accuses the Tradition Society of all sins, tries under any pretext to take away the premises provided by them, which will lead to the termination of the organization's activities, and most likely to its destruction.

Those officials from the Federal Property Management Agency and the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow, who want to terminate the contract, are well aware that the Tradition Society has attracted other non-profit organizations to implement the Tradition Cultural and Educational Center project - the All-Russian Public Organization Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Russia ”and the Autonomous non-profit organization“ Football club “Preobrazhenets”, which will also appear on the street.

And finally, the cherry on the cake: on March 11, the RPO Society "Tradition" sent the head of the Federal Property Management Agency V. V. Yakovenko and the head of the Technical Department of the Federal Property Management Agency in Moscow A. P. Kolegov an invitation to the opening of the first personal exhibition in Moscow at the Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka" master of Dymkovo toys, member of the Union of Artists of Russia Larisa Ushakova, which took place on March 24.

The exhibition must be open to the public from March 24 to May 24 this year. As you might guess, none of the representatives of this department came to our event. And, ironically, the same date, March 11, is the date of the Cancellation Notice that we received on March 29.

This is how officials from the Federal Property Management Agency "support" the preservation of traditions and spiritual and moral values of our country.

We really want to be left alone, to stop tormenting us with endless checks, because during all this time - since 2016, we have already checked everything that is possible, and several times.

Let us calmly go about our business - to acquaint people of all ages with folk art, traditions of our country, to educate children, students and adults in the spirit of patriotism through the introduction to the cultural heritage, which, in particular, is a traditional toy, to support folk crafts”.


Yelena Galenko explained to Novy Izvestia that the RPO Society Tradition will defend its rights and interests.

“We very much hope for the power of the 'printed word' - that after the publication in Novye Izvestia our situation will change for the better. We will keep your publication up to date", - says a member of the Coordination Council of the RPO Society" Tradition ", director of the Museum of folk toys "Zabavushka".

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