The opposite is true: Sergey Sosedov told how Channel One lost the trial

The opposite is true: Sergey Sosedov told how Channel One lost the trial
7 April , 14:09SocietyPhoto: инстаграм Сергея Соседова
The music critic claims that the information previously published in the press is inaccurate.

In fact, the defendants, against whom a claim was filed on behalf of Channel One for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation - Stanislav Sadalsky, Maxim Suraikin and Sosedov - did not renounce their words, but won the court.

Sergey Sosedov wrote about the details of the trial on his Facebook. “Yes, we really won the trial against Channel One. Let me remind you that this disgusting office filed a lawsuit against me (including) for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation (which, as you understand, have long and hopelessly tarnished with Channel One). The ridiculousness of the situation in my case was further enhanced by the fact that Channel One filed a lawsuit against... a telephone conversation in which I supported the initiative of Maxim Suraikin (the Communists of Russia party) on the state verification of the correctness of the vote count on the show with a representative of the Federal News Agency "Vote". I said that I never believe in the honesty of these calculations and polls for many reasons, the main one of which is the story of the impudent cheating of votes for the daughter of Alsou Mikella, which angered millions of viewers not so long ago”, - writes Sosedov.

According to Sosedov, during the trial, “the channel's representative, an unpretentious-looking unnamed lawyer, muttered something indistinct about “the cleanest and most honest channel in the world” and how the ruthless cheats, that is, us, humiliated it “rabidly and without proof”. He could not answer a single question of the judge, in particular, what was this "humiliation" and how exactly Channel One suffered from this. The lawyer defended the "high honor" of the channel with foam at his mouth, reporting how the general producer Ernst himself heroically exposed the fraudulent vote for the unfortunate Mikella and even conducted an "investigation". "What are the results of this investigation?, - asked the judge, - And most importantly, who is punished for cheating votes?" In response, however, she again heard inarticulate muttering and firmly repeated the question: "So who is punished?", "Nobody", the pale lawyer finally squeezed out of himself.

As a result, writes Sosedov, the judge passed a verdict: to reject the claim to Channel One.

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