A hero of our time: a month ago he laughed at СOVID-19, but now he is in a shock

A hero of our time: a month ago he laughed at СOVID-19, but now he is in a shock
A hero of our time: a month ago he laughed at СOVID-19, but now he is in a shock
7 May 2020, 15:19Society
Ambulances in Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, rushing around the city, barely coping with the load

Moscow activist Daniil Zubov left this emotional post on his blog:

“This is my friend Ivan. He works as a paramedic at the ambulance station in Sergiev Posad. Yesterday, after a short vacation, he stepped into the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. Ambulances barely cope with the load. During the day of work, Vanya could not sleep for a minute. The car rushed from one street to another and throughout the large urban district. Patients with moderate to severe forms of pneumonia begged for hospitalization. But only the heaviest can be taken to hospitals. 50% of patients attended the Easter service on April 19th. Each of them has contacts, and these people are also already infected. The other team did not manage to save the woman. She died literally in the arms of doctors in her apartment. Her husband had died a week earlier. The little girl, also sick with COVID-19, was left an orphan. The most common age of patients is 40+. One guy was 24 years old.

Ivan, who laughed at COVID a month ago, is in shock. He does not remember such an influx of pneumonia in his entire practice. Only in some patients did the tests show coronavirus. For others, they gave a negative result; the third tests were not done at all. But the symptoms are the same for everyone. Authorities acknowledge that 40% of crown tests give a false negative result. I do not want to speculate in numbers, but, obviously, official data is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of actually infected is many times higher.

In the morning, Ivan, without closing his eyes, filled the call cards. His protective suit, which you put on and take off for 15-20 minutes, moved on to the shift. And on Wednesday - a new day of work. Ivan is a hero of our time.

Friends, it’s a very difficult time for doctors now! Stop doubting and believing in world conspiracies. Just limit all your movements. Take care of yourself and those around you. The virus is insidious. By deceiving human immunity for a long time, it captures the cells of the body. Letting go a little in the first stages, he finishes off the patient with renewed vigor. He spares neither the rich nor the poor. None of us are insured, but we will do what we can - stop believing in fairy tales, be careful and be responsible...”

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