Aksyonov: the holiday season in Crimea will not be opened until there debut of a vaccine

Aksyonov: the holiday season in Crimea will not be opened until there debut of a vaccine

7 May 2020, 15:31SocietyPhoto: img.pac.ru
The Russians should not expect the holiday season in Crimea to open this year: until the vaccine against coronavirus appears, the peninsula's hotels and motels will remain closed, and the opening of cafes and restaurants is not planned in the nearest future as well, the head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov said.

“We will have to live with coronavirus until a vaccine is found from it. Quarantine restrictions in the region will not be removed. We honestly say that no one has any illusions and no plans”, - Kommersant writes with reference to Aksyonov.

This year, only locals can relax in the Crimea, Aksyonov emphasized.

Earlier, residents of the peninsula began to protest against self-isolation, believing that this would cause a significant lesson to the economy of Crimea, which exists mainly due to tourism. Aksyonov threatened the protesters with tightening restrictions and introducing quarantine if dissatisfied residents did not go home. Earlier, Aksyonov called on all Russians to refrain from traveling to the Crimea until the situation with the coronavirus improves.

At the same time, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko said that Russians should not plan foreign trips for at least the next year: borders are unlikely to open by this time. At the same time, Russians are unlikely to fly abroad after opening the borders. About 85% of all Russian aircraft are leased by foreign companies. If self-isolation is delayed, and flights do not resume in the near future, Russian airlines will lose most of their aircraft.

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