The Ministry of Health does not recognize the secret vaccination of officials against coronavirus

The Ministry of Health does not recognize the secret vaccination of officials against coronavirus
7 August 2020, 16:23SocietyPhoto:
The Russian Ministry of Health has officially denied the reports about the alleged vaccination of high-ranking officials and medical workers against a new coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation.

Information about the begun vaccination of doctors and officials against the coronavirus is not true. Vaccination of the population, including risk groups, is possible only after the issuance of a registration certificate in the manner prescribed by law.

"The same rule applies to voluntary vaccination in the third phase of clinical trials", - said the head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Health Maxim Radetsky in an interview with Interfax.

The information that “many representatives of the Russian business and political elite received early access to an experimental vaccine against COVID-19”, - was published by Bloomberg.

Agency sources also said that some medical workers in Moscow also received an offer to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the vaccine from the Gamaleya National Research Center. Senior leaders of the richest business structures in Russia, according to the agency, received the first doses of the vaccine back in April.

At the same time the Kremlin declared that they were not aware of the facts of the vaccination COVID-19, - clarifies the Kommersant.

Meanwhile, a source close to the Moscow mayor's office, Interfax, confirmed that several doctors and employees of the city administration have already tested the coronavirus vaccine on themselves. They were vaccinated voluntarily, "in the framework of clinical trials of the drug".

Officially, the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Center has not yet been registered. It is expected that its registration may take place as early as next week, after which its serial production will begin.

In addition, the State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector announced that it could start producing its own vaccine in November 2020.

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