The Ministry of Education said that cases of COVID infection in Russian schools are rare

The Ministry of Education said that cases of COVID infection in Russian schools are rare

7 September , 09:51Society
The Ministry of Education said that there is no need to fear the spread of coronavirus in schools - there are cases of infection of children in educational institutions, but they are isolated. The situation with the epidemic in educational institutions is monitored daily, the ministry added.

“We daily monitor the situation in schools, including collecting information about how many children fell ill, which classes went to distance learning after cases of the spread of the epidemic were detected in a particular school. There are such cases, but they are isolated, ”First Deputy Minister of Education Dmitry Glushko said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda radio .

The first deputy minister added that while one school in the Sverdlovsk region has completely switched to distance learning, several classes have switched to “remote education” in the Trans-Baikal Territory. According to Glushko, queues are formed at the entrance in a number of schools in the morning. This is due to the fact that the process of admitting children is poorly organized in these educational institutions. Earlier it was noted that due to the outbreak of the epidemic, two schools in Yekaterinburg switched to distance learning , the school year had hardly begun: this is school No. 179 and school No. 148.

As a reminder, from September 1, children went to school in their usual format. The authorities assured that there would be no distance learning, schools could switch to it only if the situation with the epidemic in the region or in a specific educational institution worsened. All teachers were obliged to wear masks, children can wear them at will. The shifts between lessons for different classes will be at different times. Earlier, teachers criticized such an innovation, saying that it would not protect against an epidemic at school, but the noise outside the door would interfere with the educational process.

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