It's better in the colony than in the wild: Belogorodians complain about the level of medicine

It's better in the colony than in the wild: Belogorodians complain about the level of medicine
It's better in the colony than in the wild: Belogorodians complain about the level of medicine
7 December 2020, 09:38Society
In the Belgorod region, judging by the messages of its residents on social networks, there are not enough ambulances and surgical instruments

Angelica Zaozerskaya

As you know, the actor Mikhail Yefremov was taken to IK-4 of the Alekseyevsky district of the Belgorod region, where the quarantine is underway again (in the pre-trial detention center-3 of Belgorod, the person convicted of an accident on June 8, 2020 was in a 20-day quarantine). The penal colony is included in the so-called "red zone" and is considered almost elite (football players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev served their sentences here). Medical assistance in the colony is provided by the medical unit No. 1, in which such specialists as the therapist, psychiatrist-narcologist, infectious disease specialist, dentist and radiologist are admitted. The territory also has its own laboratory for sputum microscopy for tuberculosis.

Convicts can spend their free time in the library or in the club hall, play sports on the sports ground, play football, volleyball. The colony has a temple to St. George the Victorious.

However, the residents of the region, judging by the city pages on social networks, are much more interested in their problems than the scandalous story of the capital's actor - they, for example, are shocked by the photo of the antediluvian ambulance car, which served the patients in the village of Ilovka, published on the networks Alekseevsky district of the Belgorod region. The worst thing is that after the publication of the photo of the unfortunate ambulance, the district authorities immediately liquidated it, leaving the driver without work, and now in this village, located not far from the correctional colony No. 4, the patients are left to fend for themselves.

"Now half of the district were left without an ambulance, as it was taken away. Thank you kind people, helped to hand over to the scrap, but you will throw off the new one? Whoever needs help in the village - the ambulance will not come, but will have to get there", - wrote one of the residents of Ilovka.

Her fellow villagers confirmed to Novie Izvestia that "this old ambulance came for calls". Svetlana Sergeyeva, a resident of another, Ivnyanskiy district of the Belgorod region, wrote on her profile of VKontakte social network:

"We have the same ambulance in Ivnyanskiy district".

The head of the urban district of the Alekseevsky district of the Belgorod region, Stanislav Sergachev, when asked by "NI" to comment on the fact that the ambulance was "unsuitable for operation", has not yet answered anything.

But the Belgorod region this year in the rating compiled by RBC is one of the three most prosperous regions of the country (ahead only Moscow and St. Petersburg). The question arises: what kind of ambulances then go to calls in regions with a low quality of life?

Recently, another Belgorodka, Yelena Malinina, turned to the Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov with a complaint:

“In October, a 40-year-old man was hospitalized in city hospital No. 2 with coronavirus. A week before discharge, the leg began to hurt, the patient could not sleep. The doctors did ultrasound twice, but they found nothing and let me go home.

After that, in another hospital, the man was diagnosed with critical ischemia, and on December 1, an operation was performed. "The result is negative".

Now doctors are ready to discharge Yelena's husband from the hospital and amputate his leg, because the "surgical instruments" of the regional hospital are exhausted and the doctors do not know what to do next. The only thing they advised was to independently find a contact with a doctor in Moscow who would agree to help.

Yelena, in her address to the Acting Governor, asks the question: "Is it really all that our doctors can do - to prescribe and offer amputation instead of the real help?"

People have a lot of complaints, especially about the social policy of the region. Thus, during the pandemic, the energy supplier RAO “Quadra - Power Generation” collected debts from pensioners, disabled persons of the 1st group from a penalty for heat energy, writing them off from pensions (according to court decisions). Moreover, some disabled people with severe diagnoses were in hospitals at that time.

And this is despite the fact that Vyacheslav Gladkov, judging by his posts on social networks, travels daily to the districts of the Belgorod region and meets with the population.

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