More than four million debtors cannot travel abroad

More than four million debtors cannot travel abroad
More than four million debtors cannot travel abroad
7 December 2020, 09:04SocietyPhoto:
The number of Russians who cannot travel abroad due to accumulated debts has grown by 20% over the year. Today, 4.1 million people are unable to leave the country for this reason.

It was told to RIA Novosti by the representative of the Federal Bailiff Service (FBS).

As of November 1, 4.1 million Russians were banned from crossing the border due to outstanding debts, the department said. At the same time, a year earlier there were 3.4 million such people. The FSSP clarified that in nine months of 2020, bailiffs issued 7.5 million such orders.

The FBS considers such a measure of influence as a refusal to travel abroad to be effective against malicious defaulters. Moreover, it can be applied not only with a debt of 30 thousand rubles, but also with a debt of 10 thousand rubles in some cases. If the debtor tries to cross the border, he will be refused until he repays the debt.

Note that, according to the Central Bank, Russians owe credit institutions a record amount of money - 20.9 trillion rubles. According to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, now Russia, despite the pandemic and the rapid drop in household income, is experiencing a boom in consumer lending, but this situation is not dangerous for the country's financial system.

An unpaid loan was revealed in every second Russian family. Moreover, it will be difficult to repay more than a tenth of these loans now, since 11% of those surveyed by Infom admitted that during the period of restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, they almost completely lost their income.

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