Vaccination: authorities wage a merciless fight against covid, launching new circles of hell

Vaccination: authorities wage a merciless fight against covid, launching new circles of hell
Vaccination: authorities wage a merciless fight against covid, launching new circles of hell
8 January 2021, 23:53Society
At the end of December, mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus with the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine began in the US, UK and EU.

Russia was the first in the world (back in August) to register the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 and was the first - on December 5 - to start with vaccinations of the population throughout the country. Novye Izvestia listened to what people were saying.

Lyudmila Butuzova


Russia is now in second place in terms of vaccination after Israel. There, the procedure began on December 20. More than 1 million Israelis have been vaccinated before the new year. Russia breathes in the back, just slightly inferior to the leaders of the fight against covid. What's wrong?

The problem is that even in the largest regions the reports do not "beat" the statements of the authorities at all. For example, in St. Petersburg, according to Smolny, daily vaccination does not reach even 1000 people. Where exactly those same 800 thousand vaccinated people who were vaccinated before the New Year live, remains a mystery. In the same way, it is not clear how they were able to inoculate such a number of people with a vaccine that they had not yet had time to produce in the required amount? A trivial explanation is circulating on social networks: Minister Murashko, who reported on a million vaccinated Russians, simply named a beautiful figure that can be presented as another unprecedented achievement.

Dmitry Komarov: It is upsetting how easily big numbers are voiced by our officials. Either the minister says about 52 thousand, then after 10 days - already about 800 thousand.

Anna Hella: On December 21, 400 thousand doses were released, on January 2, according to Murashko, 800 thousand people were vaccinated - something does not fit, as it seems to me ... Or were they shock-riveted another 400 thousand doses in 10 days?

Vasily Shakhnovsky: In Moscow, 50,000 vaccinated per month. At least 10 percent of Russia's population lives in Moscow. If vaccinated at such a rate, then in a year as many as 600 thousand are vaccinated! And in twenty years it will be possible to report on the achievement of herd immunity and victory over the evil covid.

Vic Aragon: Interesting. In Moscow, 50 thousand were vaccinated, and another 750, apparently in Uryupinsk.

Mikhail Kazmin: In the Krasnodar Territory (population 5.5 million), as of December 29 (no fresh data), 4145 people were vaccinated with the first dose of Sputnik as part of the targeted vaccination of doctors, social workers and teachers. In addition, Rospotrebnadzor employees received two thousand EpiVac Corona vaccines produced by Vector. There was no mass vaccination and there is no.

Oksana Fedriko: At the very beginning of the "start", our media proudly announced 500 doses of vaccine that arrived in the Primorsky Territory, in the Amur Region - 700. Now there is silence in the media. Whether anyone is vaccinated is not known. So you, Muscovites, are again participating in some kind of global experiment - and we continue to live as before.

Robert Mammaev: So what, they lied a little…. Despite the fact that the Russians were warned not to drink. Who in their right mind will then come to inject themselves before the new year? There were, however, 800 thousand crazy people. This is a great result!


More than half of the residents of Russia are not ready to be vaccinated against the coronavirus with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, a survey by the Levada Center showed. The easiest way to explain this is the epidemiological illiteracy of the population, the eternal habit of Russians to meet progress with hostility. But, judging by the mood on social networks, Russians are not so dense. Many are aware that the third phase of Sputnik V clinical trials is underway. A legitimate question: on what basis does the state begin mass vaccination, if, at the very least, there is no official / confirmed evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccine until the end of the 3rd phase? And why did it become possible to force people to participate in this experiment? Not everyone is ready for the role of a guinea pig...

Igor Rozhansky: Few people speak about the obvious thing - the true concern of the Russian state for the well-being and health of citizens would be to purchase a more advanced effective and safe vaccine, and not to snatch the domestic Sputnik at any cost.

Ponty Monty: In this case, the vaccine trial missed important research steps. Phase 3 trials are being conducted right now, on those who receive it. Compulsion to vaccinate, especially in such conditions, is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Constitution and a number of federal laws.

Natusia Karpova: Nobody will take responsibility. If anything, it will be only your problems, and the doctors will shrug their shoulders - like, this does not happen... My son and I went through this after being vaccinated against hepatitis in the 10th grade. 24 years have passed, my son still has consequences...

Lyudmila Moiseeva: In any case, unless an epidemic, quarantine or emergency is declared, vaccination should be VOLUNTARY. Without blackmail and coercion...

Lyudmila Zaitseva: What to do if you are forced to VACCINATE!? In no case should you refuse, on the contrary, ask for a number of documents - a quality certificate for the drug, information about the manufacturer, test certificates, side effects of the drug. Consequence coverage documents and amount. Documents of the person who vaccinates, certification, work permit, certificate of absence of COVID19. After submitting ALL documents, you need to take a WRITTEN STATEMENT THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AFTER THE INJECTION, this is a prerequisite !!! And a big request, friends, do not be rude to doctors, they are the same victims as we are, but at the same time we live our own lives, and they spend their lives to save ours!

Oleg Kozyrev: Our tool in the fight against coronavirus previously had few - masks and self-isolation. Now there is a better "fire extinguisher" - vaccination, which will create much better protection for humanity. Of course, I understand what lies behind the words "the probability of serious side effects is extremely low." This means that one in a million (or more, or less) may not be lucky. Well yes. Firefighters sometimes die saving others. Not the worst death ever, is it? But let's not pump it up. I already know of several cases when the vaccinated kept their health and did not get sick, helping their friends and relatives who did not manage to vaccinate and were seriously ill.

Joseph Raskin: Here I (among other doctors) were asked about vaccination, the answers were long. 1. Why get vaccinated at all, if, according to the experience of the Spanish Woman and Bird Flu, there are still a couple of waves and that's it. ...You can still be patient for a year. Or not? I have not yet seen any written guarantees from the Supreme Commander, like you in heaven, that the COVID epidemic will proceed strictly according to the scenario of the Spanish Flu and Avian Flu, and we still have only to sit out a couple of waves ... If anyone has seen this letter of guarantee, send a link urgently. And I don't know about you, but for me personally, two waves were enough. Both work in covidarium and in general living under the canopy of covid. And if there is any way to reduce the amount or effect of these future waves, I vote in favor with both hands.

Marianna Kraminova: I am not against vaccinations, but I will not be vaccinated with this Sputnik, I will wait for an alternative and will do it only if it becomes mandatory for travel


Vaccination began with doctors and the military, and at the end of December in Moscow announced the start of mass vaccinations of pensioners. On December 29, decree No. 127UM was published on the website of the Mayor of Moscow, which, in particular, says: "To establish that the possibility of using the transport application of social cards for preferential and free travel is renewed subject to vaccination against COVID-19".

Discount travel in Moscow has been suspended since October 9. It will be returned, - the mayor of the capital wrote in his blog - “As a first step, older Muscovites, students over 18 years old and citizens suffering from chronic diseases will be able to once again enjoy the right to free and reduced travel on public transport. Their social cards will be automatically unlocked 14 days after receiving the second vaccine component".

According to Muscovites, the initiative of the city authorities results in a flagrant violation of citizens' rights. A petition addressed to the Moscow government has been published on the portal of public initiatives The authors demand to unblock the social cards of beneficiaries, regardless of whether these citizens have vaccinations against the new coronavirus infection, and to end discrimination against citizens who have a different point of view on the disease and the proposed vaccine than the authorities.

Yuri Loza : A glorious holiday gift was given to me as a pensioner by the Moscow authorities - they took and canceled free travel on public transport for everyone over 65! They explained that they did it as if for my own good, to make me sit at home. But I don’t understand whether I should grieve or rejoice, because it’s free or on my own money, but I’ll still go for food or to the Temple. And medicines are not sold anywhere except in the pharmacy, which means that you also need to get there on something. I think that by Christmas we should expect new gifts like the withdrawal of all social surcharges - please, please!

Alexandra Mashkova: The New Year began with the pharma and the most famous mayor of the CCC today. The action unfolds against the backdrop of an epic world battle between Russian and overseas pharma over dividing the market. Because the covid vaccine is obviously a multibillion dollar market in the first place. And you have to be an extremely simple-minded person not to understand this! No one is interested in your desire and choice! I got vaccinated - there are benefits, I didn't get vaccinated - there are no benefits. This is such a brazen move that at first we even thought that the mayor's site had been hacked! But then the beneficiaries received notifications from the mayor's office, and we had to admit that it’s not, we can’t see it. We have a desire to write on the decree, at least to the prosecutor’s office. We write - we are not shy! Take a sample application here:

Municipal deputy of the Cheryomushki district Yelena Selkova: "I am among those who are outraged by this decree. There is a federal law on measures of social support, there are Moscow laws on social support for unprotected groups, schoolchildren, pensioners, people with disabilities, chronic diseases, etc. Laws On this basis, measures of social support should be unconditional.

The head of the municipal district of Yakimanka, Andrey Morev: “When the mayor deprived Muscovites of the opportunity to use social cards to pay for travel, it was in fact a violation of the adopted law on the Moscow budget, which provided for them. The Moscow branch of the Yabloko party demanded to monetize this type of service. Now the mayor has gone further and engaged in blackmail, forcing retirees and students to get vaccinated regardless of their wishes, promising in return to return what they are already entitled to by law.Businki in exchange for freedom of decision-making".


True, there is among pensioners and chroniclers there are desperate subjects who, right from the New Year's table, went to the vaccination center and injected themselves. Someone was given to live in fear, some transport benefits are more important than fears for their own health, and some just got used to unconditionally trust their superiors. They said - "must!" - means good. The pioneer experience is invaluable.

Nikolai Travkin: Dear and dear fellow citizens of my heart. Forgive me for encouraging you with my intentions to suffer for the Fatherland and my promise to share, but how does Sputnik-V affect the body of an elderly Russian? I am compelled to inform you with regret - the event fell through! Came on January 2nd, on time. The doctor measured the pressure, listened to my heart and lungs and asked what chronicles I had managed to acquire by the age of 74.

- Rheumatoid arthritis, - I answer, - group 2.

-Do you use any medicine in connection with this disease? the doctor continued.

-And what, I say, - my spouse injects methotrexate weekly.

- Well, well, then until another time. Here, in our list, this injection is marked that if it is used together with "Sputnik", then an overdose may occur. And there is no one to pump out, here they only inject. Holidays are the same.

This is how my epic ended. And so I wanted to prove myself as a hero at the end of my life. Well, not destiny.

Oleg Khudyakov: He's got a good doctor, but he could have just given the vaccine. For statistics.

Yelena Nezhinskaya: We would have announced the entire “list of dishes” with which there is no need to move to the vaccination station! Accompanying ailments, medications, acquired allergies, etc. and so on... Half of the people would sit at home quietly, waiting for Epivak-Corona. Suddenly at least there are fewer restrictions in it!


While in Russia, the question of whether or not to be vaccinated remains a voluntary choice of each person. However, it was not only Sobyanin who took steps to "rectify" the situation. The Ministry of Justice recently published a draft of the updated Code of Administrative Offenses: the new version of the code provides for fines from 5,000 to 7,000 rubles for refusing to receive mandatory vaccinations. Well, several senators, led by Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Nikolai Fedorov, proposed expanding the list of mandatory vaccinations and blocking the entrance to kindergartens, schools and universities for unvaccinated children and adolescents. But we must not forget that the point is not only that the issue of voluntary vaccination closely overlaps with the issue of civil human rights, but also affects the field of health. After all, not everyone can and should be vaccinated.

Let us remind that according to the latest version of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated December 23, 2020, Sputnik V is contraindicated in patients over 60 years old. Permanent contraindications included: chronic liver and kidney diseases, severe disorders of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus), severe diseases of the hematopoietic system, epilepsy, strokes and other diseases of the central nervous system, diseases of the cardiovascular system, a history of myocardial infarction, myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis, ischemic heart disease, autoimmune diseases, lung diseases, asthma and COPD, metabolic syndrome, atopy, eczema.

Obviously, we have TEN MILLION people with the listed disiases!

Taking medications for the last 30 days, including anticancer and antiviral drugs, radiation therapy during the last year, pregnancy and breastfeeding, a history of severe allergic reactions, including the administration of vaccines.

Contraindications are due to the fact that studies on the tolerability of the vaccine in patients with these diseases have not been conducted. According to the instructions for "Sputnik V" (in the December edition), vaccination for persons over 60 was also not officially provided. The vaccine was intended solely for the "prevention of new coronavirus infection in adults 18-60 years old." At the same time, as the head of the Sputnik V development team, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Gintsburg, has repeatedly stated, people over 60 will not get worse from vaccinations. However, this is still not officially recognized - there is no such data in the vaccine registration documents.

What does Rospotrebnadzor think about this? A powerful organization that terrifies and shudders trade, marketing, advertising, and more recently, healthcare and medicine, determines what we wear on our face and hands, how much to fine and what drugs to treat. Vaccinations, as a product of mass consumption, are also in the competence of the supervisory authority. Although, according to rumors from the medical community, "it is doubtful that at least one more or less decent doctor will fit into the company of" consumers "and" overseers". Confirmation of the rumors appeared just a week ago, when normal doctors and experts came to the reception room of Rospotrebnadzor and asked on what basis people are forcibly vaccinated with an untested vaccine? The deputy head of the personnel department came to them and replied that there would be no conversation and no explanation. “So, citizens,” concludes Anna Gornostayeva, a participant in the event. “The personnel department of consumption supervision is now engaged in human health and conducting experiments on them.” Don't you think that this absurdity rudely interferes with our life?"


LINA RYKHTIKOVA, Candidate of Legal Sciences - to Novye Izvestia:

- Law 157-FZ on immunization in article 11 contains a provision according to which vocational vaccinations are carried out to citizens who have no contraindications.

The methodological document of Rospotrebnadzor - MU did not change in terms of contraindications regarding covid vaccination.

Link to letter from FGBU im. Gamalea is not correct, since the instruction for the use of the medicine is not a normative document.

The list of medical contraindications for prophylactic vaccinations is approved by the federal executive body responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and legal regulation in the healthcare sector.

In this case, vaccination - "one size fits all" under the condition of unblocking social cards - is not just a violation of the laws and rights of persons over 65 years old - I believe that by Decree 127 the Moscow Mayor put the lives of people at risk at risk.

Nobody used it and went to court. The deputies (of different levels) did not collect signatures from their voters and did not apply to the RF IC and the Prosecutor General's Office of the RF for arbitrariness and abuse of office by the mayor of the city. Not a single victim of card blocking collects his own expenses and does not record the facts of violation of his right to free travel in order to get 5 thousand rubles each, and then apply collectively to the RF IC for S.S.Sobyanin. in the part of the article "appropriation and waste". Indeed, since October 2020 Sobyanin S.S. uses the money of Muscovites saved on free travel in some way? After all, you can make a deputy inquiry and find out where he spent the saved money of Muscovites? How did you monetize?

No one thought that it was already possible to sue for compulsory vaccination, which Putin V.V. (for a minute) did not put it in the law and did not give anyone the authority to compulsory vaccination. And unblocking cards under the condition of vaccination is compulsory immunization. Moreover, not a single document has developed contraindications against the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, no one can determine the consequences of vaccination for people over 65 and with chronic diseases. That is, this is not just S.S.Sobyanin's action contrary to the federal law on immunization. and also a threat to the life of Muscovites over 65.

We do not know how, with chronic diseases, the older generation will react to the composition of the vaccine.

And Sobyanin S.S. does not know.

And doctors do not know and do not give guarantees.

Article 19 of the Federal Law - 157 provides that post-vaccination complications are compensated for in the amount of 10,000 rubles.

In case of death, the relatives of the deceased will receive 30,000 rubles each from post-vaccination complications.

How will you prove that the complications are post-vaccination?

And again, this law, in terms of introducing provisions on the consequences regarding precisely covid vaccination, was not supplemented.

That is, citizens have nothing to protect themselves with if the vaccination leads to complications, or, God forbid, to death.

And with this non-guarantee of normative Sobyanin S.S. issues decree 127, blackmailing and forcing people to get vaccinated.

What to do?

I will explain.

You go to the doctor and demand not a letter, not an instruction for vaccination, but a regulatory document that will detail the contraindications for covid. They don't have that.

Then write about this to S.S. Sobyanin. "I ask you to unblock my social card urgently, I refuse vaccination due to the lack of a regulatory legal document on contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus. I have such and such chronic diseases. I take such and such medications on an ongoing basis, according to the instructions for the drug - interaction with medications" no has been studied ". At present I have spent (spent) such and such an amount on my trips. In case of an official refusal to unblock my social card, I will have to go to court with an administrative claim".

Then we are waiting for the answer.

We place it on my page Lina Rykhtikova.

Then I draw up administrative claims for all of you. Is free. And I administer the passage of claims in court.

Any questions?

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