The head of "Vector" announced the infection with covid after vaccination with "EpiVacCorona"

The head of "Vector" announced the infection with covid after vaccination with "EpiVacCorona"
8 April , 09:23Society
Those vaccinated with the drug "EpiVacCorona" developed by the "Vector" center did not have time to form immunity, and they fell ill with coronavirus.

It was told by the head of the center, Rinat Maksyutov. He stated that most of the participants in the vaccine trial developed antibodies on the 42nd day, and there were almost no side effects.

The research was carried out with the participation of citizens from 18 to 60 years old. In volunteers over 60 years old, the vaccine showed 94% efficiency in the production of antibodies and 77% - / in the production of neutralizing antibodies, Maksyutov pointed out in an interview with Izvestia. He called it "good performance".

Of the 150 volunteers over 60 years old, two dozen contracted covid after vaccination. The head of "Vector" did not specify whether there were cases of infection in the group of younger testers.

"After vaccination, there are cases of the disease, as with any other vaccines against the new coronavirus. In the overwhelming majority of cases, infection occurred when the volunteers had not yet had time to form a full-fledged immune response, that is, 42 days had not passed after the first vaccination”, - Maksyutov said.

With regard to possible side effects, he noted that EpiVacCorona "has proven its highest safety profile". In some volunteers, pain at the injection site was observed, and there were no other undesirable consequences.

Earlier, by the way, the developers of "EpiVacCorona" assured that their drug is more effective than "Sputnik V", developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamaleya.

The last stage of testing of this drug is nearing completion in Russia. It was registered last fall. EpiVacCorona vaccination is already starting in the regions. The first batch of 230 thousand dose kits has already arrived in the regions. It is planned to release another 1.5 million doses of this vaccine in April, three million in May, and another five million in June.

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