Doctors mistrust the official data on coronavirus victims

Doctors mistrust the official data on coronavirus victims
Doctors mistrust the official data on coronavirus victims
8 May 2020, 15:29Society
If you do not believe the absolute numbers - see the dynamics and the ratio of indicators. In Italy, the first hundred deaths of medical workers - more than 17,000 deaths in total. In Russia, for the first 100 doctors - 1625 deaths (the difference is an order of magnitude).

Moscow doctor Andrei Volna asked a question in his blog: why is coronavirus mortality so low in Russia (compared with developed countries)?

“Here discussions are already beginning - protection is worse (though not especially in the capital cities and at the initial stage of the epidemic), careless doctors (well, rather selfless), the rules for constructing a final diagnosis differ (and this is true. Even within the European Union, this is so )


And now - especially ATTENTIVELY. Dagestan - official information today - 17 deaths from coronavirus infection. And in the memory list , that is, in the list that is compiled by us, doctors, where you can’t be fooled - 13 (!!!!!!) colleagues from Dagestan. There is no way to explain bad protection.

It seems that not even the rules for constructing the final pathological diagnosis here, it seems, there are gross falsifications. And not an order of magnitude. ON ORDER.

17 deaths in the republic. Of these, 13 are among medical workers. Selective virus like that, huh?

Of course not. I think that a real tragedy is unfolding in Dagestan right now ... ”

There was no shortage of comments on this post. So another doctor Eugene Genera writes:

Andrei Anatolyevich, we must stop trying to analyze the blizzard that is being driven to us by K19. However, it was always, in the USSR, in the Russian Federation, I am sure that in the Russian Empire too. When Pechatnikov and Sobyanin over 2 years of leadership increased the life expectancy of Muscovites by FIVE years, and reduced mortality from CVD (cardiovascular diseases, approx. Ed.) THREE times, no one was surprised and did not try to analyze. So, nothing has changed - no need to even try, pointless. One thing must be said that during the scoop, the blizzard was driven more skillfully, I know, since it had some relation. The only conclusion from the analysis is that these are all tsifirki - a lie, and so clumsy that it only surprises that someone is trying to consider these tsifirki as the source for the analysis ... "

A Muscovite Marina Kolosova gave a specific example:

Not only in Dagestan, but also in Moscow! On April 20, my neighbor’s forty-year-old nephew was taken by ambulance to 45 pulmonology hospital (Zvenigorod). The first 2 days he was in touch, said that they put droppers and he was a little better. On the 3rd day I didn’t pick up the phone, it was very difficult to get through to the information desk - he is in intensive care, his condition is stably serious! And so on until April 29th! Mom through someone was able to contact the head of the intensive care unit, who told her that her son died on April 25! They began to sort it out - that day 18 people died in intensive care and no reports..."

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