Cash withdrawals turned out to be the most unpopular transaction with bank cards

Cash withdrawals turned out to be the most unpopular transaction with bank cards

8 June 2020, 17:46SocietyPhoto:
During the three months of this year the volume of cash withdrawals decreased and significantly lagged behind the cashless payment for goods and services.

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, when paper money began to be considered carriers of infection, the difference between card payments and cash withdrawals amounted to more than a trillion rubles.

Withdrawing money at ATMs and cash desks has become the most unpopular transaction with plastic cards, RBC reports, citing data from the Central Bank.

For three months, Russians made purchases with cards worth more than 7 trillion rubles. - This is 9.7% more than cash was withdrawn - 6.4 billion rubles.

Thus, for the first time, card payments exceeded cash operations following the results of the fourth quarter of last year. Card-to-card transfers also exceeded for the first time the volume of cash withdrawals at the end of 2018 - 27.4 trillion rubles. against 26.6 trillion rubles.

In the first quarter of this year, the amount of cash withdrawn increased by 8.7% by the same period of 2019. The total volume of non-cash transactions grew stronger - by 30%, amounting to 16.5 trillion rubles.

The total volume of card transactions amounted to 23 trillion rubles, and the share of cash withdrawals was at the level of 27.8%, payment by cards - 30.5%, transfers - 41.7%. Following the results of three months in Russia, banks issued 283.9 million cards, their active users are more than 194 million.

Note that Russian depositors continue to withdraw currency from banks. In April, deposits decreased by $ 1.1 - citizens took from credit institutions almost all of the accumulated foreign currency over the past year.

Let us recall that from August of this year, electronic wallets can not be replenished in cash. The Central Bank did not support the request of Russian banks to wait with innovation against the backdrop of a pandemic.

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