40% of migrants in Russia lost their job because of the pandemic

40% of migrants in Russia lost their job because of the pandemic

8 July 2020, 09:42SocietyPhoto: topwar.ru
Whereas due to the coronavirus crisis 23% of Russians were left without work, migrant workers accounted for 40% of new unemployed. Visitors from neighboring countries have to rely on ethnic mutual assistance.

Such figures follow from the results of the RANEPA survey, which cite Vedomosti.

When accounting for employees who went on forced unpaid leave, the proportion of those who lost their income rises to 75%. Among Russians, such 48%. 76% of migrants who worked in Moscow lost their jobs, as did 43% of local residents.

Only 19% of visitors from the former republics of the USSR did not change their income level. “All sources of income” lost 54% of migrants who worked in Moscow, and 51% of migrant workers employed throughout Russia. Among Russians, there are 27% who lost all their income during the pandemic, 30% in Moscow.

Analysts say that at the same time, migrants did not follow the path of crime as a mass strategy. Instead, their collective survival strategy was ethnic solidarity and mutual assistance. One and a half times more often than Russians, migrants answered positively to the question "Recently, I have become more attentive to the needs of unfamiliar people, I try to help if something happens".

Note that according to a study by Superjob, half of Russians today are ready to lower their salary expectations in order to get at least some work after the crisis.

Recall that real unemployment in the country exceeded 10 million, and by autumn the number of unemployed could double.

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