"Why is this nonsense? Professor Huseynov opposed amendments to the Law on Education

"Why is this nonsense? Professor Huseynov opposed amendments to the Law on Education
"Why is this nonsense? Professor Huseynov opposed amendments to the Law on Education
8 December 2020, 13:49Society
The changes that the State Duma deputies are planning to introduce into the law will actually ban educational activities in the country.

Former professor at the Higher School of Economics and now a lecturer at the Free University Hasan Huseynov commented to the online publication Stol on the amendments that State Duma deputies are going to introduce into the law “On Education in the Russian Federation”.

These changes, which will establish the powers of the government of the Russian Federation "to determine the procedure and conditions for conducting educational activities, forms of control over it," will actually prohibit educational activities without permission and control of the authorities. According to the authors of the amendments, the current law "On Education" "does not define the procedure for carrying out" educational activities and does not put forward "requirements for its participants, which creates the preconditions for the uncontrolled implementation of a wide range of propaganda activities by anti-Russian forces in the school and student environment under the guise of educational activities. "Which are supported from abroad and are aimed at" discrediting "Russian" politics, revising history and undermining the constitutional order".

Scientists are already calling these changes "the law on the prohibition of free education". Here is what Huseynov thinks about this:

“The state should help universities and schools, but not teach these universities and schools how to love the homeland, how to study history and what foreign colleagues to communicate with... Modern universities and schools teach... a person freedom, the ability to do without government assistance everywhere wherever possible.

The modern school and the modern university are the science of social self-government and the containment of the state machine, which society maintains exclusively for the urgent needs of all. But the Duma members continue to live according to Lenin and see in the state an inherently valuable machine for suppressing other people's freedoms. I have a state, and I will not allow some little people there to decide for themselves where to study, what subjects to choose, which country to go to, which teachers to invite...

The business of the modern state is to dispose of taxes for the benefit of citizens. But those who climbed out of the Soviet cave did not know all this. The proposal ... is harmful and pernicious for society... The entire education system - from start to finish, from nurseries to graduate school - is the development of the European system. This was understood even in Soviet times: the nomenclature of sciences almost in all coincided with the world, only instead of theology in the USSR there was scientific communism. Science is all! - international, global. But the deputies do not understand this.

Why is this nonsense of the supreme power?

The real target is society as a whole: from a Swahili language teacher teaching on Skype to a priest who tells children in Sunday school about the history of his faith, and this is also enlightenment!..

For more than a year or even the first decade, the state has simply hindered Russian society from living like a human being. And the law under discussion is a continuation of the general trend. I am not asking where the deputies' children or grandchildren study. I’m not asking why they themselves are trying to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s - German or American - engineering or tailoring skills, but they lie to the layman about the presence of some such special values that supposedly distinguish our (forgive me, Lord) civilization from “pernicious” culture West. No, no, they warn such questions. We just want to do it as beautifully as it was in the Soviet Union, these clever guys tell us. Then, after all, the state also controlled everything. And it was checked. We don't even know how many fellow citizens fled from the USSR when they had such an opportunity. Including to the education system free from state dictate...

Of course, in one country, taken separately for a weak point, it is possible to restore the Soviet order for a while, and something worse. There is strength - no mind is needed. All the more terrible will be the shame for our generation, which failed to bury the corpse of a "scoop" in the education system. Now this corpse is being galvanized, but they won't be made alive..."

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