"Choke, my dear veteran informers": Guberniyev replied to biathletes

"Choke, my dear veteran informers": Guberniyev replied to biathletes
"Choke, my dear veteran informers": Guberniyev replied to biathletes
9 February 2021, 11:30SocietyPhoto: инстаграм Дмитрия Губерниева
The TV presenter compared himself with Akhmatova and Sakharov, and the letter with denunciations of Soviet times.

On February 8, an open letter to Match TV commentator Dmitry Guberniyev appeared on the website of the Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov.

Addressing the journalist, Tikhonov and several other veteran biathletes asked him to "stop verbal attacks and insults at the athletes and coaches of the national team" at least for the duration of the World Championship. "Your emotional and thoughtless statements create a negative image of Russian television and sports journalism not only in our country, but also abroad", - the athletes wrote.

Dmitry Guberniyev did not leave the message unnoticed, answering the veterans in his telegram channel. He compared the open letter with denunciations of the Soviet era, and himself with victims of bullying: “How well done, in the best traditions of campaigns in the form of collective letters!!!! The same wonderful people hounded Akhmatova and Zoshchenko, Sakharov and Pasternak!!! As it turned out, the genre of collective denunciation is alive!!!! Labels, appeals to workers!!! Lies!!! Only you will not devour me, choke, my dear informers, veterans..."

The first race of the Biathlon World Championship will take place today, it is a mixed relay. Dmitry Guberniyev will comment on it on Match-TV.

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