Cinema and life: Mikhail Yefremov finished his drink and played out ...

Cinema and life: Mikhail Yefremov finished his drink and played out ...
Cinema and life: Mikhail Yefremov finished his drink and played out ...
9 June 2020, 11:39Society
This is a great shame for the Russian culture that the honored artist of Russia Mikhail Yefremov in a state of extreme intoxication plunges into a person who dies from the wounds incompatible with life during the same night.

Angelica Dean, film critic

The horror lies in the fact that the victim of Mikhail Efremov, 57-year-old Sergei Zakharov worked during an accident, was delivering food to people on an old Lada, and the leading actor of the legendary Sovremennik Theater, founded by his father, Oleg Yefremov, judging by his condition, thumped with his partner - actor Ivan Stebunov.

After an accident, Mikhail Yefremov shouted that “I have a lot of money, and he will cure the victim". Who doubts that an actor has a lot of money? He only earned the most by playing drunken drunken heroes. Playing masterfully, playing reliably, playing inspired, playing "forever"... To list all the drunks in the movie, played by Mikhail Efremov, as they say, there is not enough space. But two roles - military personnel The Russian army cannot but be remembered.

Recently, on the main channels of the country: “Russia” and “First”, we admired his characters. Sergei Sarkisov’s film “To Paris” in which Mikhail Efremov played the general of the Soviet Army, the commander and an outright drunk who brazenly drinks expensive drinks in a Berlin mansion. Viewers indignant with a picture, they came down with just criticism on the leading actor - tanker Voronin Dmitry Pevtsov, but they did not touch Mikhail Efremov. Everyone was forgiven to the beloved artist, even the desecration of our heroes-winners.

On June 6, Channel One repeated the series by Alexander Mitta, “Border. Taiga novel ”in which Mikhail Efremov plays a drunkard, a player of Lieutenant Harness. His hero is a nice guy, only with vices. I note that 20 years ago, Mikhail Efremov was much more talented, even in the roles of drunks, than today. They say that “you will not drink talent,” even as you drink! In the film "At Paris" Mikhail Yefremov, if you look closely, like a log. Drunk log. But for this role he received at least a million rubles. For this film - our Ministry of Culture allocated 40 million non-repayable funds. Once I asked Mikhail Yefremov about his role in the series of Sergey Snezhkin “Investigator Tikhonov” (it included the name of the former editor-in-chief of “Evening Moscow” and the newspaper itself) about his character, who participates in orgies, and I heard an explanatory answer:

"What text they give me to read, I read it. If I do not read it, they will remove me from the role. Snezhkin wrote - and I have to say it. And you ask the opinion of the "cherry on the cake". In this case, the cherry on the cake will not tell you anything worthwhile. I didn’t do it!", - explained Mikhail Yefremov.

And this is called - the great Russian school of realistic theater? If Mikhail Yefremov had played drunkards even in movies, so would the Sovremennik Theater. In the play Amsterdam on the stage of Sovremennik, the hero of Mikhail Yefremov drinks in family shorts every now and then. There was a case when Mikhail Yefremov in the play “Sovremennik” during a tour in a drunken state mixed up the text and sweared. Everything to him, the people's favorite, a hereditary artist, got away with it. He could go to the cinema, where the premiere was, and shout the devil knows what. But now I’m talking about the cinema, the theater, the real life of Mikhail Yefremov in one piece. Drunks - in the movies, on the stage and the actor himself in reality. Only cinema is cinema, and life is life.

A drunk Mikhail Yefremov killed a man, who had a family, and he honestly earned money for the living by delivering food to people during the quarantine time.

In the history of Russian cinema, there is another tragic case when the actor Georgy Yumatov killed a man - a janitor, intoxicated. Georgy Yumatov was a hero of the Great Patriotic War, and played a galaxy of heroes in the movie - in particular, the main role in the film “Officers”, and until the end of his life he could not forgive himself for his death (although the trassological examination confirmed the fact of the unintentional murder) . Judging by the video from the scene of the accident, Mikhail Yefremov does not feel remorse. He flaunts his money.

Sergei Garmash at a banquet told the incident from the filming of the film "12" by Nikita Mikhalkov. The director menacingly said to Mikhail Efremov: "Once you get drunk again, I’ll kill you". To which Mikhail Yefremov laughed: “Then they will put you in the prison, and no connections will help you”.

We will see whether Mikhail Yefremov will be helped by his connections, which he, of course, will use to escape the imprison. But in the morning of June 9, the investigation re-qualified the criminal article, which threatens Yefremov. And now the most drunken artist of Russia faces up to 12 years in prison!

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