Barnaul doctors complained about the deprivation of "covid" payments

Barnaul doctors complained about the deprivation of "covid" payments
Barnaul doctors complained about the deprivation of "covid" payments
9 June, 16:22SocietyPhoto: Тамбовская жизнь
Employees of the Barnaul City Clinical Hospital No. 5 posted a complaint on social networks, in which they said that they were unfairly deprived of "covid" allowances.

The management of the hospital explained the denial of the promised payments by the alleged "failure to fulfill" their official duties.

"In the period from May 1 to May 31, 2021, we were not included in the report card for hours worked, for which we are entitled to covid payments as medical workers working with COVID-19 infection", - the doctors wrote.

They said that the hospital's management drew up orders that the hours worked by doctors would not be included in the report card.

“We were informed about this at the end of the working month, 2 days before the salary. It's a shame, we all walk in the vomit of patients, and we are deprived of these payments. How so? We work in a day, we go out to the red zone. We worked 288 hours”, - the clinic staff complained.

According to "Novaya Gazeta", all 23 orderlies of the intensive care unit of intensive care were deprived of allowances.

Outraged by the violation of their labor rights, the doctors sent a statement to the prosecutor's office and to the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin.

Hospital staff expressed outrage that they honestly performed their duties, and that the schedule was recorded in the logs. They added that there is no evidence of a violation of the labor regime allegedly committed by them, and their arguments are confirmed by the results of epidemiological checks.

Earlier, a similar complaint to the deprivation of "covid" payments treated staff "first aid" in the Kostroma region. Standing in their uniforms against the backdrop of the ambulance car, the doctors filmed a video and posted it on the Web. The video went viral.

After the wave of indignation that arose in the media and social networks, the prosecutor's office began the inspection.

“It was established that, contrary to the requirements of the legislation, 34 employees in the institution who provided medical care to people at risk of contracting a new coronavirus infection (patients with acute respiratory viral infections and community-acquired pneumonia) were not paid incentive payments in the total amount of 175 thousand rubles on the day of wages”, - they said in the prosecutor's office.

After that, money was immediately found to pay for the work of doctors.

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