Seaside chain of restaurants "Food and that's it" will sue "Tasty and that's it"

Seaside chain of restaurants "Food and that's it" will sue "Tasty and that's it"
Seaside chain of restaurants "Food and that's it" will sue "Tasty and that's it"
9 August, 11:23SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг1Mi
"Food and that's it" ("Yeda i Tochka"), a Vladivostok-based fast-food restaurant chain, has decided to sue the "Vkusno-i Tochka" ("Tasty and that's it") restaurant chain, which took a similar name and became the successor to the American McDonald's brand.

According to Vedomosti with reference to a representative of the Kovalyov, Tugushi and Partners bar association, the Primorsky restaurant chain, which expressed indignation at the similar name of the new brand, did not receive a written response from the company to its pre-trial claim to immediately stop using confusingly similar designations with the trademark "Food and that's it".

“The response period expired on August 8, now the company will go to court”, - Kommersant notes.

Lawyers note that the seaside network has been operating since 2018. Their brand was registered back in 2020, and the Vkusno-i Tochka ("Tasty and that's it") restaurant chain, which replaced the American company, registered its mark with Rospatent only on July 12.

Primorye restaurateurs suggested that the successors of the McDonald's chain completely abandon the use of the Tasty - and that's the point trademark, which is "confusingly similar" to their name.

The change in the name of the McDonald's brand in Russia occurred after the start of a military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Like hundreds of other Western companies, McDonald's announced a complete cessation of work in Russia. The business was bought by entrepreneur Alexander Govor, who renamed it "Tasty - and that's it" and patented a new brand. In early June, the McDonald's restaurant chain in the Russian Federation changed the name of the legal entity. With McDonald's LLC, the company was renamed into PBO System LLC.

In Moscow and a number of other cities, the first restaurants of the new chain opened on June 12. At the same time, the owners promised to rename some of the dishes.

And already on June 15, the management of the Food and Tochka chain of fast food restaurants operating in Vladivostok demanded the renaming of the new brand of the former McDonald's chain in Russia, "Tasty and that's it".

“We respect the “Russian McDonald's” and hope that they will contact us. If we don’t agree, we won’t find common ground, let there be a trial”, - said the owner of the seaside company.

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