The investigation is resting... TV solved the mystery of Navalny's poisoning

The investigation is resting... TV solved the mystery of Navalny's poisoning
The investigation is resting... TV solved the mystery of Navalny's poisoning
9 September 2020, 15:30Society
The propagandists found that no one had persecuted him, and if they did, Russia has nothing to do with it.

We are already accustomed to the fact that TV is not entertainment, but a branch of the investigating authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate his work not by the "picture", but by the investigative measures and the evidence base. For example, he conducted an investigation, and found out that the unfortunate bottle of poison was thrown to Navalny by the British, or rather, a Russian British. Is it convincing or not? Meanwhile, the mystery of Navalny's bottle is of fundamental importance in Russia's foreign policy agenda.

Sergey Mitrofanov

To prove the already obvious to the Kremlin, TV shoveled the surveillance video of Navalny. We found out that at first there was no ill-fated bottle (with traces of poison) - there was not, and then hop! and she appeared in the hands of Navalny's wife, Yulia, who was not taken aback, collected all Navalny's things and sent him for examination in Germany.

Of course, it would be necessary to classify things, Navalny's cowards. But how to make it secret if, according to the official version, no one hounded Navalny? Julia treacherously took advantage of this. And the TV was left to guess at what moment the bottle appeared.

Here are the navalnovtsy with their things (view from the back) - is there a bottle here? Maybe there is, maybe not - it is not known, you cannot look into a backpack. But Navalny drinks tea in the buffet - not from a bottle. And some bottle is nearby. But he is in the queue for boarding - if there is such a bottle with him, he will not be allowed on the plane with it (* joyful animation in the studio, “see, see!”) - this is the logic of TV. Everything is marked with circles.

Conclusion: none of Navalny from "ours" hounded, and if he did, it was not from "ours" - maybe the wife got close to her husband, or maybe the Englishwoman shit, it turns out that Navalny was accompanied on the trip by a mysterious girl - though Russian, Maria Pevchikh, but graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, which, incidentally, also graduated from Soros and Rockefeller. It is clear who will get involved with Soros... So she, probably, drove around with the Novichok. No, we, of course, do not assert anything, but we think about it. Sherche la femme or whoever benefits.

What is our evidence base? Oh, very, very convincing.

First, Sergey Lavrov - he said that Russia has absolutely nothing to hide. And Lavrov is a reliable source, by default. Like Masha Zakharova.

Secondly, Interior Minister Kolokoltsev, he rejected crime. Do you know how he put it about poison? "Where from," says he, should he be there?" Clearly, nowhere. If someone fell and does not move, then it is quite possible that this is karma, and not poison at all.

And finally, an attesting witness, whose name and surname we keep secret under the law on the protection of personal data. I have not seen the bottle understood. (* Stop, stop, stop, and where from the witness, if there was no crime and no search was carried out?)

One way or another, but a trained studio catches the lead of E. Popov. "General" Korotchenko exposes generally all toxicologists in the world, especially the British ones, because they blamed Assad for the chemical attack, and it is clear the stump was not there. Or with the Skripals (* everyone smiled, well, with the Skripals - this is some kind of anecdote, an anti-Russian insinuation). The eternal Ukrainian Spiridon Kilinkarov recalls President Yushchenko, who suddenly became covered with terrible scabs: then everyone was looking for Russian dioxin in his blood and... they did not find it, and Yushchenko himself blocked the work of our commission, ran away from it. inflated the topic and insinuated.

Popov broadcasts the testimony of the head of the anesthesiology-intensive care unit Boris Teplykh, anticipating his words with a strange characteristic.

Allegedly Teplykh, to put it mildly, does not feel reverence for the Russian authorities, but this issue of poisoning is on our side. Hmmm, he framed the Teplykh campaign. And how does Popov know the political sentiments of Teplykh? (* I'm worried about the Warm ones)

The studio went into a rage so much that it began to fight off accusations out of habit, as if it itself stole something and under investigation in the style of “I am not me, and the horse is not mine ( * this upset and annoyed Popov a little), but a certain woman Marina Kushniruk, a forensic chemist, said how she cut it: the bottle is not material evidence, because it was not seized (by the Germans) according to the procedure. Like let them go with their bottle in the forest, even if it was full of "Novice". In fact, this is also wrong on her part: it is necessary to prove not that the bottle was seized not according to the procedure, but that there could not be poison there.

This time the expert of all questions Abzalov spoke a little out of the orchestra. "You decided to play in consequence, but you have nothing".

-How not? - Popov was indignant. - We have Merkel, Joe Biden, Steinmeier, Trump.

- I mean, - says Abzalov, - we need not evidence, which you still have nowhere to take, but a convincing explanatory model.

In other words, if you lie, it's talented. It looks like he's right.

From other topics. Ukraine undermines the political system in Belarus and opens the sky for NATO

It has long been clear that the troubles in Belarus began because of Ukraine. First, they sent 200 militants who are still roaming the prairies of Belarus somewhere, seen by Sergei Lavrov ( * by default, reliable source). Secondly, it is clear that the Belarusian protest is being forged in Ukrainian intelligence centers and social laboratories, and the laboratories are maintained by the CIA.

Ukrainian Gordey Belov (the last survivor on Russian television who is trying to repulse the invective): -You are wrong, during the protests two Ukrainians were really detained, so our embassy pulled them out. There were no others. Ukraine does not interfere.

Popov (refutes Belova): - And our correspondent, he also accidentally ended up in dungeons to heaps, and there he saw that Ukrainians literally lay on top of each other in cells, solid Ukrainians.

( * M-mmmmm)

Then came the story about the outrageous NATO planes that train with Ukrainian pilots. According to Television, the hostile Ukraine, which has thus lost its shame and conscience, treacherously opened the sky for the Western strategic bombers carrying nuclear warheads.

But this, by the way, is nothing - it motivates why we cannot let go of Belarus. Russian strategic bombers will fly there (to the delight of the Belarusians) as opposed to, and in which case they will respond to the enemy in full. Bomb it all to hell.

The time is anxious, time of war. On the occasion of E. Popov interviews Shoigu himself. They seem to be sitting in the same room, but they are not. The frame is broken up by a visual effect that you can't figure out right away. In fact, Shoigu is sitting in a similarly decorated bunker, fearing the "coronavirus" Popov. But he does this not out of weakness of spirit, it is justified caution. After all, he is not afraid of nuclear war and is ready for it.

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