Delyagin: "In the era of digitalization, the Moscow mayor's office lost the storm drainage plan!"

Delyagin: "In the era of digitalization, the Moscow mayor's office lost the storm drainage plan!"

Delyagin: "In the era of digitalization, the Moscow mayor's office lost the storm drainage plan!"

9 October 2020, 13:51
On his YouTube channel Delyagin TV Mikhail Delyagin posted a short emotional video entitled "On the wonders of the Moscow mayor's office in the era of digitalization and storm sewers." Reason of regular "floods" in the capital revealed?

In the comments they write that this is "laughter through tears", the video has every chance of becoming "viral". “I emphasize: as I say in the video, the information was transmitted to me orally and, accordingly, by the definition, is the information from an unverified source”, - the political scientist himself recalls in the signature to the video.

“You know, I have a quarrelsome character, so I make friends in the most unexpected places.

And friends from the Moscow City Hall told me:

“Dear, get rid of us with your storm sewer! We understand everything, we understand that this is nonsense, collapse and disaster, we understand that we are completely out. But you also understand us: we have lost the plan for the city sewage system!"

This refers to the storm drainage.

You see, people in the digital era have managed to lose the city storm drainage plan!

In terms of volume, it is, well, about ten cubic meters of paper. And even more.

And so they managed to lose it.

What else can be said about the level of government in a country where people who have lost their city storm sewer plans are really, jokingly enough, the most effective managers ?!"

Novye Izvestia also publishes examples of comments on this video.

Alex O'koner: They threw it out during the optimization process. They cut everything down and moved it, they left the old buildings, all the old workers were fired...

Serenità Magnifica: Mom told me a long time ago that Moscow would be flooded, Vanga said. But at those times I was laughing... 😏

Larisa Andrusenko: In North Butovo, in one of the courtyards of an apartment building, parts of the asphalt were opened in search of a well. The unlucky workers even asked the residents if they remembered where the well was. In the era of universal digitalization and the "smart city", the CCC have such "slapsticks".

Yelena Abakshina: Zadornov said that you cannot digitize us. Apparently the mayor's office took this as a call to action.

margarita kiseleva: You are just handsome. Laughter through tears.

Anfisa Rae: God, what a mess, how neglected it is... 🤦🏻‍♀️

Marina Diaghileva: Every day there is news that, it seems, can no longer be more absurd, but no, just not in our country (((( it has become simply unbearable to feel the consequences of the 20-year rule of mediocrity! Everything collapses, is poisoned, disappears, dies every minute... (

Anna Semenova: Because only the amateurs control these processes.

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