Social networks wonder why the military killed a bear with a bear cub

Social networks wonder why the military killed a bear with a bear cub
Social networks wonder why the military killed a bear with a bear cub
9 November 2020, 16:47Society
In Kamchatka, the military killed a bear and a bear cub, who sailed on a submarine and decided to rest on the deck.

An incident in Kamchatka is being actively discussed on social networks, where the military shot a bear and a bear cub who climbed onto a submarine. Popular blogger Valery Petrov is outraged by the comments of people who accuse the military and feel sorry for the bears, and cites his experience of traveling in Kamchatka as an argument.

It turns out that the population of bears on the peninsula has tripled, and at least 10 people die every year because of them. Kamchatka bears enter villages, walk the streets, rummage in garbage dumps, even in the capital of the region, in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky they appear in the city center. And this is not to mention what is happening outside the settlements - there people are forced to walk with weapons and dogs.

As for the case on the submarine, the bears were killed in the village of Rybachye, where the nuclear submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet are based. The bears climbed onto the boat trying to escape. It was impossible to drive them away - they left for the village. They were killed by a local game manager. The bear and the bear cub swam between the piers and no one touched them, and before that they wandered around the village for several days, despite the fact that they were scared off.

The hunter tells in the video that he killed the bear because the animal was very thin and wounded, and the bear cub left without a mother would have behaved very aggressively. Locals believe that bears should be shot in order to reduce the population...

Not all of Petrov's readers agreed with his point of view.

- Or they could have made a knight's move, a live TV show on the rescue of bears, taken out on a submarine away from the bay and driven there, but it is always easier to shoot, and the skin will come in handy. The lie of the hunting expert about the thin bear does not stand up to criticism, the video shows the bear was just right...

- The military will always do everything as badly as possible, dumber and with maximum consequences. Recently, these happy idiots in uniform began filming their actions on phones, which delivers tons of lulz to citizens. This does not depend on the country. The military all over the world are the same.

- You yourself wrote "natural environment" ("... I photographed bears in Kamchatka in their natural environment"). Do you understand the meaning of these words? It means an alien person. And the animal lived in its own environment. Why should you shoot animals at home? There are more people, and now they come and take territory away from nature. But you hardly understand this process. All you know is “came, saw, conquered”. No matter how this victory turns out to be Pyrrhic.

- What a wildness, could it not have scared her off with some loud noise, siren or something else? And to shoot a tranquilizer and transfer to animal protection? Oh yes, there are no tranquilizers or animal protection. Just like they do in Canada, USA, Norway and Sweden! They would have solved this problem with bears long ago, otherwise there are a lot of them in Kamchatka and not a single rehabilitation center. It's just barbarism to treat Nature like that.

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