Soviet film “Secret and Clear. Aims of the Zionists' actions "recognized as extremist

Soviet film “Secret and Clear. Aims of the Zionists' actions "recognized as extremist
Soviet film “Secret and Clear. Aims of the Zionists' actions "recognized as extremist
9 November 2021, 09:55Society
The Syktyvkar City Court, after a linguistic study, decided to ban the black-and-white film “Secret and Clear. Aims of the Zionist Deed ”, filmed in 1973. Later, the Ministry of Justice added the tape to the list of extremist materials.

Note that the picture released by the Central Documentary Film Studio is considered pseudoscientific. The website of the Ministry of Justice says that the list of extremist materials includes a "video recording with the title" Secret and explicit. The objectives of the Zionist deed ", which is a black and white film, lasting from 1 hour 28 minutes 01 seconds to 1 hour 28 minutes 16 seconds, which begins from the image of ancient sculptures and the text on the screen: "This film sets out the facts ..." ".

The experts who had previously carried out the expert examination and the UFSB found that the film gave a negative assessment to a group of persons singled out on the basis of ethnicity and ideology: “Zionists,” as well as Jews as a national group as a whole. The filmmakers told that this group of people allegedly financed Nazi Germany in preparation for the Second World War. She was also credited with other hostile acts against people of other nationalities.

It is worth noting that the cameraman of the film Leonid Kogan wrote to Leonid Brezhnev that the film "used frames of Hitler's anti-Semitic films" and he forms the impression that "Zionism and Jews are one and the same."

The author of the film is Soviet and Russian documentary filmmaker Boris Karpov, founder of the Otechestvo film studio. He has more than three dozen films on his account. One of the most important directions in his work was Orthodoxy and the life of the Church.

Recall that next year Roskomnadzor plans to launch the Oculus system, which will search for prohibited content in images and video files. The cost of this system is about 15 million rubles.

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