“Get ready for the fall!” An employee of the covid-center told the whole truth about the epidemic

“Get ready for the fall!” An employee of the covid-center told the whole truth about the epidemic
“Get ready for the fall!” An employee of the covid-center told the whole truth about the epidemic
10 June 2020, 18:40Society
In September, a second pandemic outbreak is expected in Moscow, which experts predict will be stronger than the first.

Muscovite Olga Kolosova shared in her blog the impressions about her work experience in one of the capital's covid-centers:

They removed the self-isolation mode. Exactly two weeks since I trained in the Kovid Center (I won’t say where exactly). I should have been transferred as a full-fledged employee (the position of administrator with the function of psychological support) to the open Kovid Center in the Krylatskoye Ice Arena, but ... They did not open it, because the epidemic was on the decline, this is good news. But they are waiting for me (and not only me) in September, since there will be a second outbreak of a pandemic - this is bad news.

I have heard from many: why do you need these risks? Why do you need senseless heroism? I answer. I had at least three reasons for this:

- I, like many others, was sent to quarantine on indefinite leave, and the money tends to run out. They paid decent salaries (with allowances) and offered very good working conditions.

- I felt useful to society. For a long time I did not feel that I bring so real benefit to people.

“I wanted to know the whole truth about Covid-19 as much as possible.” And I recognized her.


- The situation is much more serious than those who shout that the virus is far-fetched and the tales about it started, so that we enter into an economic collapse. I saw statistics - the number of Covid centers in Moscow (redone departments of infectious hospitals), the number of cases (it is huge), every second of them with serious complications (mainly pneumonia), every tenth is fatal. I saw how the flow of people who come for passports and things of the dead does not stop. They called to the post, asked how the health of those close to me was, I tried to connect with the doctor, and I answered: “tell me, let them call you back later, come up with something, the patient gets worse - they sent him to intensive care”. And yes, among the seriously ill and the dead, there are enough young people. Unfortunately, this is really serious.

Get ready for the fall. There will be a second flash. And according to forecasts, it will be stronger than the first. Just be safe, create an airbag, first of all financial, so that you can calmly wait out the flash in the next isolation.

“And now my personal indignation.” Where does the money go from our taxes ?! Have you seen those huts that are being built to hospitalize people during the second outbreak? I was warned that there would not even be individual roofs - everyone would be lying under a common roof. It will be big huts, where they will take people so that they ...? I don’t even want to continue the sentence. Conditions for employees, as you know, are also not ice - the chances of infection are almost one hundred percent.

That's all I wanted to say..."

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