The governor of the Lipetsk region proposed to fine veterans that violate the self-isolation regime

The governor of the Lipetsk region proposed to fine veterans that violate the self-isolation regime

10 June 2020, 16:15SocietyPhoto:
A record from the meeting of the governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov, at which he offers to intimidate with the fines the pensioners that violate self-isolation regime, appeared on social networks.

The conversation was published on his page on Facebook by the deputy of the Lipetsk regional council Oleg Khomutinnikov. At the meeting, the mayor of the regional center, Yevgeny Uvarkin, proposes to cancel the reduced fare for pensioners so that they do not violate the regime of self-isolation during the spread of the epidemic. This category of the population is at risk for the disease. Precautions are stricter for them. The governor proposed to go further and begin to fine the violators. “You need to approach them and say: Grandpa, what the hell are you doing here? And draw up a protocol”, - the governor said.

According to him, in the capital canceled benefits for pensioners because the city has nothing to lose. “And we still have something to lose. You better meet your city police department, maybe they’ll start making protocols for veterans? What are they doing, why are they staying there instead of observing the self-isolation? It’s necessary to intimidate”, - said Artamonov.

The press service of the regional administration explained that the audio recording is old. During the meeting, the observance of the mask regime by senior citizens at risk in public transport was then discussed. The authorities decided to provide masks to this category of the population for free. “The people who leaked the record no longer know what to complain about. So any phrase can be turned inside out and find negative moments in it”, - Kommersant writes with reference to the words of the press service representative.

Earlier, Artamonov proposed to disperse violators of self-isolation with disinfectants, which work on the principle of fog and immediately cover a large area. At the end of May, the network also received an audio recording from the meeting of Artamonov, at which he suggests slightly adjusting the data on the coronavirus so that they would not think badly about the region.

To date, the number of patients with coronavirus in the Lipetsk region has reached 2.7 thousand people. The region is on the 41st line in Russia as a whole by the number of cases since the beginning of the epidemic.

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