Russia resumed flights with eight more countries

Russia resumed flights with eight more countries
Russia resumed flights with eight more countries
10 June, 10:18SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
Since June 10, Russia will resume direct flights with Austria, Hungary, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Morocco and Croatia, which were suspended last year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The corresponding decision was made by the headquarters due to the improvement in the epidemiological situation in these countries.

Charter flights with Albania are also resumed - however, planes will be able to fly there no more than once a week. The same regularity of flights will be established for flights to Lebanon and Luxembourg. But planes will fly to Austria, Hungary, Mauritius, Morocco and Croatia twice a week, RBC reports.

In addition, the number of flights from Russia to Greece, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Serbia, Belarus and Germany is increasing.

Let us remind you that at the end of May, Russia resumed flights with Iceland, Malta, Mexico, Portugal and Saudi Arabia, and at the beginning of June - with Great Britain. Thus, more than 30 countries are open to Russians. However, such a popular Turkey remains inaccessible so far. Air traffic with this country is scheduled to resume no earlier than June 21. At the same time, vacation in Russia has risen in price by more than a third. The average bill for a summer tour has grown to 64.2 thousand rubles.

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