TV offered Putin and Biden to take everything and divide

TV offered Putin and Biden to take everything and divide
TV offered Putin and Biden to take everything and divide
10 June, 14:44Society
Judging by the tone of the speeches of Russian TV propagandists, one gets the impression that the ruling class of Russia is leading the case to war, but to a war that is incomprehensible and it is not known why.

Sergey Mitrofanov

What struck in June TV was the increase in absurdity and self-parodying. Now, if we had to parody V. Zhirinovsky, we would invite an actor. But if Zhirinovsky himself parodies himself, then the actors and parodists are powerless. This is some kind of new genre, far from both politics and analytics.

The episode in question took place in "Sunday evening with V. Solovyov". There was also a very thin "American" Nikolay Zlobin. Deputy Chairman of the Duma V. Zhirinovsky decided to entertain the audience and made his traditional delusional speech. In which, of course, there is nothing wrong. If we forget that he is a deputy chairman, an influential figure in the world table of ranks, the talk show should explain something to the Russians, and we are talking about the prospects for a meeting of the leaders of the two great superpowers.

But the impression is that Zhirinovsky decided to portray what we usually think of Zhirinovsky: a rhetoric, a racist, a provocateur, a jester and a liar. And any parodist will leave washed up. Since it is obviously impossible to joke around with buffoonery.

As Zhirinovsky said, it cannot be said that it is strongly new. Something that some of the public will probably ignore. That Russia has expansionist plans. Re-seize all the pieces that fell off the USSR - the Baltic states, Georgia... Swallow up Belarus. Change the regime to (in) Ukraine and also absorb. Etc. and so on, and about this, they say, in the style of "new Yalta", two "leaders of the world" Putin and Biden will speak at the next summit.

So, Putin (according to Zhirinovsky) will offer Biden to divide the world according to the above scheme. And what will Biden get in return if he agrees?

On behalf of Putin, Zhirinovsky prepared to support Biden in the fight against the opposition by sending Russian special forces to America "to calm the Mexicans and blacks." We will not be able to calm them down - we will take the oppressed whites to us, to Siberia, and, on the contrary, we will send the leftists, the Communists, Zyuganovs, Kurginians and Tretyakovs to America.

(* The Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, V. Tretyakov, who was standing nearby, was not offended, but thoughtful. Is it good or bad to be sent to America? Like political rubbish, it seems bad, and this is a boorish insult from Zhirinovsky, but in America it is generally good.)

Zhirinovsky described the meeting of the mighty of this world in the style of the science fiction novel "It is difficult to be God" by the Strugatsky brothers.

“The spiders have met. Don Raba sat in a tense position, his elbows on the table and his fingers intertwined. To his right lay a heavy wooden-handled throwing knife on a pile of papers. The minister's face wore a pleasant, albeit somewhat numb smile. The venerable Vaga was sitting on the sofa with his back to Rumata. He looked like an eccentric old nobleman who had spent the last thirty years without a break in his country palace.

“They’ll shake themselves off,” he said, “and they will squish like a bloated little black girl on the margaz. This is already twenty long khokhari. Marco would have been knocked on by the speckles. Yes, the hohari are shallow. That is why we will heat the srosten. This is our mayor..."

Rumata, who was dumbfounded listening to this nonsense..." And so on.

According to Zhirinovsky, the presidents will speak one language they understand, and the main agreements will remain secret to the public. And so that they definitely remain a secret to the public, the translators should be shot in an amicable way. At the same time, he looked at Zlobin: "And we will take Zlobin as translators." Zlobin bowed “gratefully” and in the future behaved as a “shot”, that is, as a metaphysical entity.

In fact, I have to repeat all this not in order to create additional advertising for Zhirinovsky, what a cool troll he is. And in order to ask a question (to which I, I confess, have no answer yet): "Why do we need to engage in such self-exposure?"

After all, we all, of course, understand that our elite dreams of expansionism, but, probably, they also understand that nothing can be returned back - neither the Baltic states, nor even Ukraine, even if that is completely cut off from the Russian gas flow. So why tell the deputy chairman of the Russian parliament about this, portraying Germany in 1939, and betraying our plans and dreams abroad? What kind of setup?

I think for two reasons.

First, because this rhetoric refers to the fabulous, magical political philosophy of the ruling political class. They compose a collective fairy tale about themselves and live in it, and individual characters think that someday it will materialize. Secondly, this is how the mainstream is now - to scare everyone. So to raise political stakes so that they lag behind the already bitten off Crimea and the downed Boeing. But to share the world with Biden at the same time, obviously, still will not work. The United States, even if it is shaking from the crises, and the society is divided, still has about 15% of world GDP, while Russia has only two low-tech ones.

If we divide the world in a ratio of 2 to 15, then we will not only remain within our borders, but maybe we will lose something else.

The problem is that Putin cannot offer Biden any new markets or good products and deals. He can only propose “not to interfere” or, like Gorbachev, something devoid of value expression - “new thinking” and release political prisoners. But Putin is unlikely to experiment. Even the absolute monarch Louis XIV experimented more than Putin, and Putin will not repeat his mistakes.

In conclusion, I will say about the observations of two venerable political scientists. The one who is younger - V. Pastukhov, and the one who is older - G. Pavlovsky. Actually, they spoke not on TV, but on the radio. But our radio today also shows how TV, therefore, almost TV, and to a good audience.

Both simultaneously noted that the ruling class of Russia is leading the case to war, although it is not clear to the war, it is not known why. To war, so to speak, in oneself, to war as a process.

Pavlovsky (on his Facebook): "Lately, I have been thinking only about the future war - and it terribly interferes with thinking about the rest".

The question is: is the ruling class of Russia really ready to blow up the world for the sake of its safety (to exclude democratic rotation)?

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