There is nowhere else to fly: Trump supporters in America were dropped from the plane

There is nowhere else to fly: Trump supporters in America were dropped from the plane
There is nowhere else to fly: Trump supporters in America were dropped from the plane
11 January 2021, 14:32Society
A company of three supporters of the controversial US president was removed from the Washington-Minneapolis flight for openly expressing their love for Trump.

Several Americans were immediately dropped off the plane for the fact that in a personal conversation they declared their support for Donald Trump, considering him the best president in US history. It's worth reminding that the scandal with the blocking of Trump's accounts on social networks caused an unprecedented noise in the Russian segment of the Internet, separating even people with liberal-democratic views on opposite sides of the barricades: some argue that the blocking means the end of freedoms in America, others, on the contrary, see it the triumph of all kinds of freedoms.

And here is a new reason for clarifying the relationship: the company, consisting of three people flying from the US capital Washington to Minneapolis on a Delta flight, was asked to leave the plane because they, in polemics with other passengers about the storming of the Capitol, not only supported Trump in every possible way, but also declared that he is America's best leader ever.

Representatives of the airline did not particularly comment on this incident, referring only to the fact that the passengers behaved "undisciplined", for which they were removed from the flight. But a video from the Washington airport with passengers who left the plane has already been published on Twitter. Many commentators of this publication are sure that the airline has simply violated the legal rights of American citizens to free speech and called for a boycott of Delta Airlines.

Attention is drawn to the fact that our compatriots also did not stand aside from this incident, and the total absence of freedom of speech in Russia is more than compensated for by criticism of its violations in "damned" America. This is how the compensatory mechanism well known to psychologists works. Here, for example, he showed up in this commentary on the news about disembarked passengers:

“Democracy and freedom of speech means that you can express yourself as you like, but any private trader, in the form of the oligarchs of Twitter, Facebook, with other owners of air minibuses, can easily block you and prohibit you from using their platforms. Conveniently. Soon these democrats will disconnect from the bank and block the accounts of those who will not spread the "free word" in the right direction. A little hunger, and a homeless life will discourage those who like to vote for Trump. Particularly stubborn, shops will stop selling weapons and ammunition so that they cannot defend their homes from chaos and sabotage, in the face of hordes of negroges. Moreover, the vaccine against covidla is thrown in, which killed more people than the Novice. Not a country, but a dream..."

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