Forced hospitalization of Alexander Gabyshev recognized as legal

Forced hospitalization of Alexander Gabyshev recognized as legal
Forced hospitalization of Alexander Gabyshev recognized as legal
11 March, 15:48SocietyPhoto:
According to human rights activist Aleksey Pryanishnikov, the Supreme Court of Yakutia upheld the decision of the Yakutsk City Court on the involuntary hospitalization of shaman Alexander Gabyshev.

Earlier, he received all-Russian fame for his marches to Moscow, of which he managed to go relatively far only for the first time.

The claim of the republican psycho-neurological boarding school of Yakutia for the compulsory hospitalization of Alexander Gabyshev Yakutsk city court satisfied at the beginning of February. Lawyers for Alexander Gabyshev then filed a petition to summon the independent psychiatrist Vladimir Kaverin as a specialist, who prepared his own review of the conclusion on the need for his hospitalization, but they were refused. The court also rejected the defense's motion to conduct a comprehensive forensic psychiatric examination in the shaman's case at a medical facility in another region.

Alexander Gabyshev was forcibly hospitalized to a neuropsychiatric dispensary, allegedly because of his refusal to continue treatment. The institution reported that after being discharged from there in the summer of 2020, the shaman was assigned active dispensary observation by a psychiatrist, to whom he had to go up to twice a month. However, in December, Alexander Gabyshev allegedly came and said that "he will not go to an appointment anymore", - notes.

As a result, the police officers, together with the doctors, came to the shaman's home and forcibly took him to a mental hospital. According to eyewitnesses, there were hacked doors, things were scattered, and on the floor there were numerous red spots that looked like blood. This happened a few days before Alexander Gabyshev announced a new campaign against Moscow in March 2021 with the aim of expelling evil forces from the Kremlin. During the first attempt to march in 2019, the shaman managed to go through all of Yakutia and Buryatia, he was detained at the border of the Irkutsk region and for the first time taken to a mental hospital after his supporters took an active part in protests in Ulan-Ude.

The Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for Yakutia previously explained the reasons for initiating a criminal case against Alexander Gabyshev. He was accused of attacking a Rosguard officer with a ritual sword in 2020.

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