Coronavirus test will be obligatory required for the planned hospitalization

Coronavirus test will be obligatory required for the planned hospitalization

11 June 2020, 17:14SocietyPhoto:
The Russians will need to take a test for coronavirus before applying for planned hospitalization in polyclinics. The requirement will become mandatory if the treatment is carried out at the expense of the compulsory health insurance fund (CHI).

An analysis must be passed no earlier than a week before admission to the hospital.

Analysis for coronavirus will also be done according to the compulsory medical insurance policy, writes TASS with the reference to the representative of the press service of the fund Elena Chernyakova.

Before hospitalization, the patient will measure the temperature, and also check the blood oxygen saturation. If the temperature is high, and the oxygen content in the blood is insufficient, the patient may be referred for an X-ray or asked to retake a coronavirus test.

The press service of the fund also noted that all studies are free of charge for patients. If in some of the clinics they require to pass the appropriate tests at the expense of the patient, such actions by the hospital administration are considered illegal. You should contact the insurance company that issued the policy.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the resumption of planned hospitalization in those hospitals that, during the period of the outbreak of the epidemic, were reassigned to treat patients with COVID-19. During the epidemic, up to 92% of Russian doctors of all profiles noted that they had no time to deal with other diseases. Medical care for other diseases not related to COVID-19 was provided on a residual basis.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the country since the beginning of the epidemic has exceeded half a million.

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