Defenders of the Malakhovsky pond fell under the wheels of bulldozers which started the "beautification"

Defenders of the Malakhovsky pond fell under the wheels of bulldozers which started the "beautification"
Defenders of the Malakhovsky pond fell under the wheels of bulldozers which started the "beautification"
11 June 2020, 13:17Society
None of the media spoke about this protest, seems that the local authorities, who were obliged to spend almost 100 million rubles on landscaping the park area near Malakhovsky Pond, had not noticed it either. The social group "Malakhovka - our home" consists of 385 people, and of course, the forces are not equal.

Oleg Goryunov

We already wrote about the confrontation between the inhabitants of the Moscow Region and the local authorities: the cause of contention was a forest pond - a favorite place for walks of Malakhovites. Last fall, it became known that the once reserved place became the object of "beautification". And if in Moscow squares and sidewalks are rolled into tiles, but in the estate of Andrei Vorobyov, natural landscapes are rolled into tiles, concrete and asphalt.

"Благоустроенный" вход в зону отдыха очень напоминает обелиск павшим воинам
Входная архитектурная группа от "благоустроителей"
Пока еще пруд в Малаховке выглядит вот так...

"Beautification" is accompanied by cutting down of "sick" trees, which in fact simply do not fit into the borders of the resting place drawn by someone on paper.

"Больное", по мнению благоустроителей, дерево
Красной краской помечают "больные" деревья
Местные жители говорят, что вырубку ведут и днем и ночью
Рабочие просто смеются и издеваются над местными жителями

According to the human rights activist Maxim Boltain , “the entire coastal strip has been transferred to the status of“ land of settlements ”. This is no longer the territory of Leskhoz, which means that the protection of forest stands is not valid here, no special permits of the city administration are required”.

Местные жители вынуждены ловить на себе крайне недоброжелательные взгляды рабочих

Local residents have no legal grounds to oppose "beautification" - this is true. The authorities and public hearings were held, and their projects were approved.

Peaceful protests are essentially all that people can do today who disagree with rolling a corner of wildlife into concrete and tile, and cutting down trees.

It is noteworthy that even while in the park, the protesters observed security measures - they were masked. Workers “beauticians” do not wear masks, and if they wanted to, the police could at least punish both themselves and their employers with fines, but it seems that the defenders of the Malakhovsky Pond were left alone with the masterminds of the Moscow Region budget.

"Nobody hears us, nobody protects us, how to deal with those who have only banknotes before their eyes, we don’t already know. Around is such beauty, peace, and they are walked around by bulldozers and chainsaws. You saw how ugly Did they make an entrance group? So they planned three more of the same. A few days ago a 15-year-old boy sent me a clip that he made in defense of our native nature. Do you know what kind of music he put on the video? we won’t cost the price, ”Tatyana Kavunova, a member of the public movement of defenders of the Malakhovsky Pond, said in an interview with NI.

PS Of course, to go under the bulldozers of the "accomplishers" in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory is very symbolic - once after all, the ancestors of the participants of today's flash mob lay under the tanks - only to protect their native land...

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