Hunger strike on Sakhalin: the captives do not agree with the extension of the quarantine

Hunger strike on Sakhalin: the captives do not agree with the extension of the quarantine
Hunger strike on Sakhalin: the captives do not agree with the extension of the quarantine
11 June 2020, 11:59Society
Currently there are 57 people at the Vostok Observatory. Some of them, having learned that the two weeks they have spent in quarantine were not enough for the local Rospotrebnadzor, refused to eat. People that do not have Sakhalin registration are placed in the observatories for 14 days.

There are 22 observers in the region.

Oleg Goryunov

Not a single person have died from coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region. There are less than 200 people infected with this disease. Perhaps the reason for this is the strict quarantine measures introduced by the governor Valery Limarenko.

The observatory on the basis of the Vostok training center houses shift workers, military personnel and families with children. All of them had already spent 14 days in quarantine, and were planning to leave the observatory, but they were forbidden to do this without explaining the reasons. People went on a hunger strike.

The prosecutor's office drew attention to a message about this in the local media, making the following statement:

"The prosecutor's office of the Sakhalin region in connection with the publication in media" Quarantineers on the Sakhalin base "Vostok" went on hunger strike. People are being prolonged isolation without explanation "organized a check, which was entrusted to the prosecutor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Based on the results of the check, if there are grounds , response measures will be taken".


Initially, the guests of the observer wanted to solve everything "peacefully" - without declaring a hunger strike, but they did not succeed. Here is what Oleg Shatskikh, a resident of the Tymovsky village, told ASTV.RU reporters:

"It is impossible to reach either the Rospotrebnadzor or the prosecutor’s office anywhere. They wrote silence to the governor. They drove us like a herd and keep them here. Half the people need a psychologist. But no one but a nurse with a thermometer pays attention to us".

The day after this, the governor of the Sakhalin Region intervened in a crisis situation, this is what Valery Limarenko wrote in his Telegram channel:

Сам губернатор Сахалинской области не всегда выполняет рекомендации Роспотребнадзора

"A coronavirus infection was detected in one person. In connection with this, Rospotrebnadzor increased the length of stay in one of the camp buildings".

Governor Limarenko said that he had no confirmed data that someone was starving in the observator, and added that all those arriving on Sakhalin knew what was waiting for them, and that was “their choice”.

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