Kuzbass administration did not buy the sculpture named Mother-2 for 5 billion rubles

Kuzbass administration did not buy the sculpture named Mother-2 for 5 billion rubles
Kuzbass administration did not buy the sculpture named Mother-2 for 5 billion rubles
11 June 2020, 13:27Society
In the Kemerovo region, the local government ordered the sculpture "Mother" for 5 billion rubles, writes the local publication "Abazhur, the view from the Kuzbass". The information on this appeared on the Government procurement website in March, the date for the completion of the contract is also matched as March 2020.

The official customer is the state Kuzbass Museum of Fine Arts. The purchase was made from a single supplier.

What the sculpture looks like and who the author is, the general public is not known. According to "Lampshade", the sculptor Dasha Namdakov, already known to Kuzbass on the "maternal theme" and its original solution in the sculpture "Mother-2", made the work "Mother".

Residents practice guessing which of the mothers will decorate Kemerovo and offer their options.

Local activist Vyacheslav Chernov fantasized on his Facebook what the sculpture should look like for 5 billion rubles.

“The sculpture is called“ Mother”. In my opinion, the best embodiment of the idea is a huge reservoir, made in the contours of the country. With a tit. 5 billion ruble coins are placed inside the tank. The official comes up and starts sucking the tit, stuffing his mouth with coins. When the “Mother” fed one, the next official comes up. A normal topic, right?”, - wrote Chernov.

According to him, Kuzbass is a region "poor, brought to the state of environmental disaster, with the largest wage arrears in the country, with one of the lowest life expectancy among the regions".

Novye Izvestia questioned the credibility of the purchase amount for the sculpture and contacted the "Museum of Fine Arts of Kuzbass." Since March, he has been isolated, but the Chief curator, Galina Lavrenkova, has been on duty and just at that moment she presented new acquisitions of the museum on the site, the main of which is the 100-kilogram sculpture “Mother-2” by the outstanding Buryat sculptor Dashi Namdakov.

The glorious son of Siberia is also known far abroad, his works were exhibited in London, Paris and other European capitals. Without diminishing the merits of the master, "NI" nevertheless asked whether the sculpture, even if it personifies holy motherhood, it costs 5 billion rubles, and where, excuse me, does the modest regional museum have such wild money?

“Oh, what are you talking about! - exclaimed the Chief Guardian. - Of course, the sculpture does not cost 5 billion, but 5 million rubles. The employee who posted the information on the public procurement website was simply confused with these zeros. I don’t know how many zeros you must cross out to get the correct amount myself, as well. We have already dealt with this, we gave the correct information to all the media that called us. The museum, by the way, didn’t pay for the sculpture at all, we are a budget organization and we have no money.

“Mother-2” was presented to us by the founders - the regional administration. Last year we celebrated the anniversary of the museum and they decided to replenish our Siberian collection”.

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