Airlines will begin transferring ruble payments for aircraft leasing

Airlines will begin transferring ruble payments for aircraft leasing
Airlines will begin transferring ruble payments for aircraft leasing
11 July, 10:24SocietyPhoto: 1MI
Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev said that Russian air carriers would transfer ruble payments for aircraft to lessors from "unfriendly" countries. According to preliminary data, the innovation will come into force in September 2022.

The head of the department specified that at present there is a “short period” when the airlines are credited with funds for the repair and maintenance of the aircraft, lying on the deposits of Western companies.

- They (funds - ed. note) are now slowly exhausted, and somewhere, probably, from September they will already begin to transfer money, - the minister said.

According to the presidential decree, these payments must be transferred to specially created accounts "C" in rubles. Lessors can accept these payments by converting them into foreign currency.

Savelyev does not see any problems with the reinsurance of boards, which were previously reported by the media. He indicated that the insurance is in working order:

- The Russian National Reinsurance Company, which took on the main burden. Two groups - Aeroflot and S7 - do not see any problems with insurance, with reinsurance.

Savelyev noted that "a little time is needed", and now everyone is working "a little bit in unusual conditions."

- We have an anti-record for sanctions - we have more than 11 thousand of them - it encourages us to look for and make new decisions. But we do not see any problems - so far, anyway - with insurance companies, everything is going on as usual. The companies do not address with complaints yet, - the head of the ministry stated.

Speaking about the fact that, according to media reports, RNPK allegedly does not cover the risks of airlines, Savelyev said that "flight safety is generally such a thing that, unfortunately, is often raised," but "it is very far-fetched."

- No one does anything with the safety of aircraft in such a way that it causes some complaints from someone. Safety in aviation is a priority (...) No one is going to put some kind of counterfeit or something on the planes, the official assured.

The country has specialized companies involved in the repair and maintenance of aircraft. There is indeed a need for spare parts, Savelyev admitted, however, domestic companies are equipped with spare parts “for the near foreseeable future.” Currently, work is underway with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to establish their supplies.

- We are ready for any audit, we even invite Europeans today (...) I think we would be very surprised if they came to see our production, - the minister said, specifying that on all issues with Western partners "there are one-sided correspondence".

At the end of June, it was reported that the results of the first quarter of this year, Russian airlines recorded a record loss over the past eight years - minus 61.1 billion rubles. Passenger airlines register the biggest losses - minus 52.5 billion rubles. Cargo airlines lost $8.6 billion.

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