A new flow of migrants to Russia: why the people are against, and the others are for

A new flow of migrants to Russia: why the people are against, and the others are for
A new flow of migrants to Russia: why the people are against, and the others are for
11 October 2021, 20:35SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
The presidential decree on a temporary ban on the forced expulsion of migrants from Russia who violated migration legislation has expired. Now it is allowed to turn a blind eye to such violations.

“Novye Izvestia” figured out what with this could turn out in the end.

Irina Mishina

There are 7 million migrants in Russia today. The FMS says that it is not much. In the meantime, this is exactly the size of the population of the Moscow Oblast, a large Russian region. In some localities, the actual number of migrants is already equal to the number of local residents. Here, for example, is a cry for help from a social network:

According to the official report of the Inter-municipal branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia“ Kommunarsky ”for 2020, 66 thousand migrants and stateless persons live in the urban settlement of Sosenskoye, while the officially registered permanent population is 142 thousand people. People are asking for help from the police and the administration".

Let's clarify: local residents are protesting, including against the fact that they, locals, actually cannot find a decent job due to the dominance of migrants.

There are thousands of such messages. But even without them, the situation is obvious - it is enough to go down to the Moscow metro. Lately, getting into the carriage, I, frankly, catch myself looking for Slavic faces in the crowd.

But migrants are expected in Moscow. Entry restrictions are gradually being lifted. Today, Russian companies, according to their assurances, lack about a million workers to easily build everything that has not yet been built up. To fill the gap, the Moscow Migration Center recently opened a representative office in Uzbekistan, where it recruits staff. This was announced by the Mir 24 TV channel. According to statistics, more than 500 thousand people have already received Russian citizenship since the beginning of this year. This figure will increase by the end of the year. In the future, taking into account the position of Russian politicians, the flow of migrants may increase tenfold.

“According to the statements of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, there are plans to open a direct connection between 5 cities of Siberia and Tajikistan. Listen, let's call a spade a spade in this case and open the borders or something, we will not resist anyone. This is an intervention carried out by the authorities in the interests of the oligarchs who save billions on cheap labor. Here it is, the 5th column. And we are still catching the boys who hold rallies, they write posts on social networks and make films”, - MIA Lieutenant General Aleksandr Mikhailov told Novye Izvestia.

One of the consequences of the "migration intervention" is the growth of crime in Russia. Although according to the head of the Main Directorate for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Police Lieutenant General Valentina Kazakov, the number of illegal migrants is "insignificant". However, the number of crimes committed by foreign citizens increased by almost 6 percent compared to the same period last year.

“The crime rate among migrants is actually very high. Street robberies, assaults, robberies with the participation of migrants - all of this is actually concerned in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All massive stabbing fights in Moscow are migrants. Thousands, millions of people come to us, who are not paid their meager wages on time, they cheat, they live in unsanitary conditions, cannot realize themselves and often even eat their fill. As a result, there is anger towards the indigenous population. They are grouped into criminal communities, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs knows about it. Special intermediary organizations are being created to protect law enforcement agencies. Migrants often obtain patents and work permits for money through firms called "seals". Very serious money is spinning there, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has its own profit from this", - retired Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, chairman of the National Committee for Public Control Mansur Yusupov, told Novye Izvestia.

From the reports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

In January-August, migrants committed 24,700 offenses in Russia. Most of all crimes are accounted for by visitors from the CIS countries - 19.2 thousand. In the general statistics of crimes, migrants from the CIS make up 77.8%, reports TASS. Moreover, among the crimes committed by migrants, there are even paradoxical and difficult to explain in their cruelty.

So, recently, in the Moscow region, two natives of the near abroad were charged with the rape and murder of a pensioner near Sergiev Posad. The body of a 67-year-old woman was found not far from the village of Buzhaninovo, and in hot pursuit the investigators managed to detain two suspects. They turned out to be two citizens of one of the neighboring states born in 1988 and 1984.

In the Moscow Region, the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Moscow Region is investigating a resonant crime of pedophile migrants. This terrible story took place in Odintsovo near Moscow. The mother of the injured child, Svetlana S., contacted the police. The woman told the police that her daughter, 12-year-old Kristina S., had been raped several times by unknown persons in the attic and in the basement of a neighboring apartment building. The woman learned that adult men abused the schoolgirl and intimidated her. The girl was very afraid to admit to her parents that she had fallen into the hands of the rapists and hid it for a long time. During the investigation, the police found that 10-year-old schoolboy Roman V. was raped in the same area. His parents also filed a complaint with the police. After interviewing the injured children and examining the crime scenes, the police tracked down a gang of pedophiles. They turned out to be three unemployed migrants from Uzbekistan. Operatives identify other possible children affected by migrant pedophiles.

The expansion of migrants has other consequences as well. They clearly manifested themselves in Germany during the migration flow. Everyone remembers the Christmas terrorist attack that took place on December 19, 2016 in Berlin: it took the lives of 12 people and forever changed the fate of the victims and their loved ones. Many of them, even years later, have not been able to recover from what happened.

“The payment for our hospitality was bloody. It's no secret that along with thousands of people fleeing the horrors of war and hunger, hundreds of people with a criminal past arrive in Germany, who not only have no respect for our culture and our way of life, but also openly hate us. This hatred is very dangerous for German society and could lead to even greater destruction in the future”, - says Sasha Klosters, a resident of Neuss.

“If the bias towards migrants is not eliminated, we risk losing our national identity. To prevent this from happening, it is urgently necessary to determine the proportion of migrants in relation to the local population and call them in exactly the amount that is necessary at this particular facility. And one more thing: why does his whole family come after one migrant? Why don't his relatives follow the Russian shift workers to the North, and here their presence is so urgently needed? Why is there a family, I recently came with an inspection to one of the district police departments of the capital, and there everyone talked to each other in Azerbaijani: half of the aul came for the chief”, - MIA Lieutenant General Alexander Mikhailov told Novye Izvestia.

The problem of migration is a problem of 17-18 million people who come to Russia every year for completely different purposes. Most of them are immigrants from the poor countries of Central Asia and, in terms of religion and culture, they are poorly integrated into our society. Legal and even more illegal migration generates tension in society. In addition, migration is an increase in crime in Russia, drug trafficking and corruption schemes that allow tax evasion.

Several years ago, a presidential list of instructions was issued on the implementation of the Concept of State Migration Policy for 2019-2025. There it is proposed to "correct the migration regime". Before making adjustments, it would be good to answer one simple question: for whom is Russia after all - for the indigenous population or for migrants?

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