Forensic expert Tumanov: "Only the exhumation will reveal the cause of the tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass"

Forensic expert Tumanov: "Only the exhumation will reveal the cause of the tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass"

Forensic expert Tumanov: "Only the exhumation will reveal the cause of the tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass"

11 October, 12:33
One of the leading forensic experts in Russia, Eduard Tumanov, on the air of the YouTube channel of Nadezhda Sagittarius, explained why the cause of death of the expedition members at the Dyatlov Pass remains a mystery.

“The official version is an avalanche. This is not Everest. This is a fairly low mountain, well, for the mountains, let's say.

In the understanding of most people, an avalanche is a mass of snow that rushes down a slope, sweeping away everything in its path ... So: it’s basically impossible there, under these conditions.

What kind of avalanche is possible there? The so-called descent of the snow board.

That is, when the snow fell, lay down, and then the second snowfall, the second layer of snow fell, they have different densities, and if there was a change in the weather, then the upper layer of snow can move relative to the lower one, at one distance or another. This is also a kind of avalanche.

On the Dyatlov Pass, just such a gathering is possible.

That is, the so-called snow board may come off at a distance of several meters. But this is not the kind of avalanche that rushes down. And this avalanche cannot, by default, and due to geological conditions, drag the bodies of the dead over a distance of more than a kilometer.

And we know that they were neither under the tent nor under the slope, they were found at a considerable distance from the slope. Therefore, the version of the avalanche can already be discarded and not considered only for these circumstances, it is absolutely far-fetched, it is artificial.

As an expert, I can add that when a person in such clothes, in which they were found, falls into an avalanche, he develops a whole series of injuries that are very characteristic.

Experts who work in avalanche-prone areas know them very well, they have seen them more than once, because, unfortunately, such tragedies are repeated every year, people fall into avalanches and die.

Now this experience is quite well generalized.

Argentine colleagues have published a whole series of articles on avalanche damage, both Indian and Soviet experts have written, and Russian experts are writing now.

Accordingly, it is possible to generalize the world experience; some general patterns of injuries in people who find themselves in such conditions are clearly visible.

None of them (members of the expedition - approx. "NI") had any such injuries. And if we assume that this is death in an avalanche, then in general some kind of desperate situation turns out. This means that the avalanche could only be in that place, which means that someone then took these bodies and moved them over a distance of more than a kilometer, in fact. And then he lit a fire, burned the limbs of the dead. Theater of the absurd, right?

The actions of the special forces are also immediately discarded.

Let's start not with damage, but with tactics. If it was a "bloody gebna", obviously, these bodies would simply disappear.

Until now, groups of tourists disappear in the taiga.

In those days, no mistakes were ever made. This is our time - amateurs, then professionals worked.

Again: all damage is of different types, no damage is the same.

It remains a mystery to this day...

But this is not a natural phenomenon. Having studied the forensic documents on the dead, I can say that the study was not complete. The order of research was not observed, which is observed, at least in our time, and, in fact, even at that time the order should have been observed.

However, when examining corpses, for some reason, the limbs were not examined, the spine was not examined, the soft tissues of the back were not examined, in principle, and these are already autopsy defects, this is already lost information, and so on and so on.

Therefore, of course, in view of, on the one hand, the incompleteness of the conducted forensic medical research, on the other hand, the incompleteness of, in fact, conducting the research on the spot, we are simply not in a position to draw any reliable conclusions at the moment.

It is possible that a step towards the disclosure of this tragedy would be made possible by the exhumation of the bodies of the dead in order to really establish what kind of damage and in what places they had. It is clear that the soft tissues have decayed long ago, they are not there, of course, there are no internal organs, but the bone remains have been preserved ... It is necessary to revise if we want to get even one step closer to the truth.

Because my conviction is this: since the autopsy was not complete enough, in violation of the order of forensic examinations, then, accordingly, there is a high chance that we will see the injuries that were originally missed. And this can radically change the situation.

About foreign agents... How many foreign agents had to be sent into the taiga to defeat nine physically very strong people, one of whom was a perfect hand-to-hand combatant? Zolotarev graduated from the Minsk Institute of Physical Culture, where special forces officers were trained at that time. Well, at least we should have sent a platoon. One or two people would not be scared, probably. But to bring a platoon of foreign agents to the Urals at that time ...

As for the Mansi... Mansi live very dispersed, and they are, in principle, not an aggressive people. Gather some kind of army from the Mansi? There must be at least a fourfold advantage. These are 40 Mansi people, strong men, they would have collected them for six months ...

Today we cannot put forward any substantiated versions, knowing that the autopsy was carried out incorrectly, incomplete.

Before building versions, it is necessary to establish the actual volume and nature of the injuries on the bodies of the dead, and for this it is necessary to exhume all nine bodies. Nobody gives permission for this.

Many no longer have direct relatives from whom it would be possible to obtain permission. It would also be necessary to obtain permission from the local authorities. Local authorities do not give permission for this. There are certain procedural actions associated with this.

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