Experts expect record discounts from stores by the end of the year

Experts expect record discounts from stores by the end of the year
Experts expect record discounts from stores by the end of the year
11 November, 09:38Society
Until the end of this year, sales of shares in the store can break historical records, experts say. This will happen against the backdrop of the fact that sellers, who have lost profits in recent months due to a decrease in buying activity, are forced to announce discounts to stimulate trade.

As Kommersant writes , citing NielsenIQ research, in September, in September, the lost income of retail chains and suppliers from trade with discounts in stores reached a record 76 billion rubles, and market participants' investments in promo exceeded the figure for 2021 by 15%.

Promo in the food group increased by 12%. In non-food products, the lost income of networks and suppliers in the first autumn month rose to the maximum for the year 10 billion rubles, investments in promo increased by 1% over the year. After a decline in March-April, the share of discounted food products in money terms reached 61% (this is the highest figure since September 2020), in non-food categories - 54% (a record since March 2021).

41% of buyers today are looking for goods with discounts, 89% consider the price as the main selection criterion, 75% make a purchase decision, given the availability of discounts. According to the results of the three quarters of 2022, compared to the same period last year, the most noticeable discounts were on baking ingredients, confectionery, fast food products, except for noodles, and meat. In the non-food category, the biggest promos were for band-aids, condoms, razors and blades, and baby products.

According to experts' forecasts, in October-November, the share of promo in the market of consumer goods can renew the all-time record.

In March of this year, stores abruptly began to cancel discounts on goods. The suppliers of the largest retailer X5 Group in terms of turnover, which manages the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Chizhik chains, then abandoned the promo. Azbuka Vkusa also faced such a problem.

Last year, buyers in the largest Russian retail chains bought at a discount more than half of the goods in physical terms.

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