About the fake euros and murder of Nemtsov: what the Russian Foreign Intelligence General forgot about

About the fake euros and murder of Nemtsov: what the Russian Foreign Intelligence General forgot about
About the fake euros and murder of Nemtsov: what the Russian Foreign Intelligence General forgot about
12 January 2021, 13:59Society
Beginning on January 7, the public on YouTube and telegram channels has been discussing the sensational stuffing from the "Russian Foreign Intelligence General" ("SVR General").

He told the world about the "true" reasons of the murder of Boris Nemtsov and the Kremlin's hybrid war against the EU countries, where billions of counterfeit printed in Chechnya Euro were allegedly thrown in.

Victor Levin

In short, the revelations from the "SVR General" ("Russian Foreign Intelligence General") boil down to the fact that, starting in 2007, the Kremlin, offended by plans to expand NATO towards Russia, decided to launch a hybrid war against the European Union adversaries. And, presumably, he remembered the financial sabotage that Napoleon and Hitler carried out during both domestic wars. In 2012, it was decided to inflict "...an effective destabilizing and powerful blow, moreover, so that they do not immediately understand where this is coming from, we must try here".

And we tried! Allegedly, by order of Putin himself, "a lot of counterfeit currency was printed , put into circulation in a very short period of time".

The money, of course, was not printed at Goznak's (State Administration for the Issue of Bank Notes) factory in Moscow, but in the "famous republic of the North Caucasus", where the necessary equipment for the production of 20.50 and 100 euro notes was delivered.

Further, finished products through Ukraine entered Hungary and settled in caches in Hungary, Italy, Austria and Greece. The caches were mainly located on the territory of commercial structures affiliated with the "Solntsevo" criminal group.

The transfer point in Kharkov was the Zolotye Vorota bank, which was partly owned by the mayor of the city of Kernes and his partner Mikhail Dobkin. In total, no less than € 40 billion was printed. By the beginning of 2020, 20 billion were in Europe, another 20 billion in Africa, South America and Asia, according to the SVR General ("Russian Foreign Intelligence General").

But further - more. A scam with a fake, as it should be in a cool detective story, is overgrown with mysterious murders. The first to go to the cemetery was Vadim Vishnevsky, a little-known in Russia, - the nominal owner of the Zolotye Vorota bank, who leaked information about fake euros. But the second person killed in this story is neither more nor less than Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov!

As stated in the second part of the general's "investigation", Boris Nemtsov was going to go abroad and there, in the light of spotlights and the chatter of TV cameras, tell Europe, bending over from the financial collapse, about fake euros "from Putin".

However, the opposition politician was not allowed to board a plane with a silver wing. " Having chosen the right time and place, the natives of that same North Caucasian republic," kindly "provided by the leadership of the republic and coordinated by Zolotov and Dyumin through Ruslan Geremeev, committed the murder." - reported by the channel from the "General of the SVR" ("Russian Foreign Intelligence General")...

True, despite the super-sensationalism of the stuffing, there was no noticeable resonance in Russian society. Perhaps because the source did not provide documents and objective evidence (which is impossible in principle in the format of a telegram channel). Or because everyone already knows that behind the nickname "General of the SVR" is not an intelligence general, but a great storyteller of a near-political get-together and former MGIMO professor Valery Solovey - the same one who last year called himself a representative of the world's most powerful secret organization. So secret and so powerful that it doesn't even have a name.

Perhaps that is why the authorities did not have to react to the injection of the "general". But it is readily discussed on YouTube channels, social networks and blogs. But it was not possible to get an unequivocal approval from the thinking public.

In our opinion, the best of all was "cut off" by the Nightingale (almost like in the famous story by Shukshin) by the famous publicist and blogger Alexey Kungurov in LiveJournal. *

Certainly someone, but Kungurov in sympathy for the Kremlin and Putin can not be attributed in any way, and he can not be a lawyer of the ruling regime.

“Personally, I started laughing already in words about the undermining of the EU economy”, - writes Kungurov. “As you can see, even the self-written quarantine kost could not kill this very economy. And to do it from the outside - beyond the most daring unscientific fiction. Especially when it comes to about putting counterfeit banknotes into circulation".

Economic statistics came to Kungurov's aid. Is it possible to undermine the economy of the eurozone by throwing in there at least 40 billion euros? It's like spitting at an elephant!

The total volume of money supply in the Eurozone exceeds € 14 trillion as of November 2020, while the volume of cash in circulation is only € 1.3 trillion. What will even a one-time injection of € 20 billion of cash give there? This is about 0.13% of the total money supply M3 or 1.5% of the total cash. To make it clear what scale we are talking about: in March last year alone, cash turnover in the euro area grew by 41.2 billion. The population was worried that because of lockdowns, the work of the banking system could be disrupted. Well, what problems did this intervention create for the European economy? None at all.

At least the ECB, having recorded an increase in demand for cash, did not see this as a threat to financial stability. Earlier, the demand for good old cash also jumped in 2008 when, at the peak of the crisis, the monthly increase in cash in the hands of the population amounted to € 41.4 billion.

And in Europe, cash is used exclusively for small purchases. If you want to buy for cash, for example, a car in the showroom, you will have to explain to the manager for a long time and most likely unsuccessfully the reasons why you do not have a bank card. In the end, you will be politely advised to start it at the nearest bank and make a cashless payment. Moreover, a person with several thousand cash arouses terrible suspicion and even fear, they begin to see him as a drug dealer or pimp. And believe me, in such a situation, firing a fake is the dumbest idea of all.

In general, the nightingale stuffing is designed for the mentality of the Russian audience. In the Russian Federation, cash is popular, since there is practically no control over the cache side, and cashing in is the most popular way to avoid taxes. For cash out, they sometimes get a brutal 25%. In Europe, the situation is the opposite - there you have to pay for transferring dirty cache to non-cash. An attempt to transfer counterfeit banknotes to non-cash is beyond the realm of possibility.

I’m already silent about the fact that it’s impossible to do this without any problems, given the scale of the special operation. The first failure will destroy the whole scheme. Further, the Nightingale carries a very stupid blizzard: supposedly after he opened the scam of the century (after all, a daredevil, he was not afraid that he would be banged like Borya), the cache was ... taken out of secret storages. After the exposure of the world conspiracy, Carl!

Any normal mafioso in such a situation will simply destroy the evidence on the spot, and immediately. And why do you need to take them out, at the risk of being caught by the hand? If necessary, the Chechen "Goznak" will spank more.

And in general, the plot, according to which counterfeit money has been accumulating in caches for eight years with an incomprehensible purpose - this is some kind of sur. It is clear that the dead mayor of Kharkiv Kernes, the dead Nemtsov and the still living Zolotov and Dyumin were woven into this story, sucked out of the finger, simply because the first two would no longer be able to refute the Old, and the second one will ask for hell.

But here, too, the professor gave a blunder, crowing that Alexey Dyumin, who "using the forces, means and equipment of the FSO, established round-the-clock surveillance of Nemtsov". Indeed, Dyumin was once Putin's guard. But already in 2014, he was in the service not in the FSO, but in the Ministry of Defense, being the deputy chief of the Main Directorate of the General Staff (better known as the GRU), and in 2015, when Nemtsov was killed, he became chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces. It turns out that Putin did not find an efficient major in the entire FSO to spy on the opposition, and for this purpose he reassigned the FSO to an army general, while instructing the FSB to provide him with all-round support? At the same time, the direct execution of the murder was entrusted to the fourth structure - the Zolotovskaya Rosgvardia. It is strange that the cops were not instructed to stand on the lookout in order to completely cover everyone up", - Alexey Kungurov sums up.

In general, nonsense is complete. There is a lot of all kinds of trash on the Internet, but what kind of down is it necessary to discuss, quote and force all this on serious cabbage soup in social networks?

The question, of course, is a rhetorical one... There is something wrong with society if its part who can read with extraordinary ease believes any delirium from the false generals.

* We cannot give a hyperlink to Kungurov's blog due to the requirements of Roskomnadzor and the presence of profanity in the source.

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