"He was completely healthy ...": the chronicle of death from the coronavirus of a young man

"He was completely healthy ...": the chronicle of death from the coronavirus of a young man
"He was completely healthy ...": the chronicle of death from the coronavirus of a young man
12 April 2020, 12:40Society
Despite the numerous claims that old and sick people are becoming victims of the epidemic, young and healthy people suffer from it equally.

The blogger Alexander Matyashin described in his publication the death of a close friend:

Last March 8th! We met with guys from the yard rarely, once every 3-5 months, the work of the case. Always congratulated on the holidays. In our company of friends, Dima (the rightmost one in the photo) is a real example of a strong family man: a loving wife, three young children, good work. We are familiar almost from the cradle, from one maternity hospital in the village. Fedotovo (Vologda Oblast), then the parents moved (military fathers) to the Dynamo district of Moscow and the Airport entered the Academy.

Then they again moved in Moscow to neighboring houses in the Vykhino district (they distributed apartments from the hostel). We even joked between ours that they would bury us next to the cemetery. Everything is like everyone else. Communicated. They spoke for health almost every time they met, therefore, for almost 29 years of a conscious life, I have been aware of everything.

And here in our general chat in the messenger comes from Dima the message "guys jokes are over" and a photo from the infectious diseases hospital. And on March 8, at the bar before we went to our wives to celebrate Women's Day, we laughed about the virus and general hysteria ... Probably laughed out loud ... And now about the story itself and how it really was.

How it started: In general, it is not clear that the first day the temperature rose, I thought it was cold, I just walked without a hat, it was cold, cold, I knocked it down at night, went to work on Friday, it seemed to be better, I rode back to work.

He arrived again in the evening with temperature, his wife called an ambulance - she’s having a temperature, breaks, was not abroad, didn’t communicate with anyone, stay at home from the operator and call the local doctor from the clinic. Again, the temperature was brought down. Before that I went to work, shopping. To the words “I’m so unlucky, as if I had caught the“ crown ”, the wife replied,“ Come on, where did you catch her ”seemed to reassure.

From Friday March 20 to March 25 and the temperature is 39.5, the clinic doctor puts an ARVI. Next March 25, the ambulance once again, the general ward infectious. On the morning of March 26, they did an x-ray - two-sided pneumonia, made a smear on the coronavirus, and the wife and children passed the tests, waiting. When are the results? "Now everything is not fast." "Hold on, brother," "how's the state?" "X..vo."

March 27 - “How are you today” - “droppers, inhaler” - What do they say? - It's too early

March 28 - "How are you?" - X..vo, still 39 - What do you need? - Everything is there, antiseptics throughout the department - Maybe what you need there to buy? To bring? “The guys won't let me in here.” Nothing needed - Will be released soon? - I do not know

March 29 - How are you? How's the temperature? - 38 - Normal. Strengthen your brother. Thank you guys. For the first time in my life, I am so sick on March 30. Communication ceased. They scored for his wife, said that it became worse and the analysis came, the coronavirus was confirmed.

March 31 Resuscitation

On April 1, Dima was connected to a breathing apparatus, it got worse. April 2 No change

April 3 morning unchanged 10:07 heart failure.

A nasty mood when someone close dies is not important from what or whom. But why is it important to stay home, heal, avoid mass crowds, keep a distance and comply with hygiene standards:

1. Around those who came from somewhere and they do not care about the rest!

2 We, even at a young age, it turns out, are not immortal

3. Chronic diseases can be absolutely everyone. You can not even guess about it. Runny nose, bronchitis, valve prolapse, etc. (I'm not a doctor, but talked)

4. In the usual calm time, not every doctor will treat you with knowledge of the matter (you know the reasons, everything is individual) I went through myself, but it’s not interesting, everyone has stories. Human factor.

5. Now at a time when the whole system is operating at the limit of capabilities, and this is like any mechanism that is overheated, the obvious happens to it.

6. According to the observation of one of the smartest doctors in America, Dave Price. In America with confirmed coronavirus, 25, 35, 45 year olds connected to mechanical ventilation without any chronic diseases (chronic diseases)! Oh yes, and OURS say different!

And yes, if you, dear ones, still cannot believe that this is happening to us, the funeral is coming soon! Come! It will be very sad! A friend left a wife and three children.

But I'm just begging you! Observe hygiene! If possible, stay home! As much as possible physically contact people, the phone and its capabilities, thank God no one has canceled.

Dear media gentlemen, I understand that you need to grab the topic! But why are you writing something that was not there! No human suffering from chronic diseases! And if suddenly, during an autopsy, some kind of disease appeared, then this is another matter. Do not confuse people!

The virus is really very sticky! No one will help you except you! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!"

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