Flights of a new format: you can visit the toilet on the plane only upon request

Flights of a new format: you can visit the toilet on the plane only upon request

12 May 2020, 19:22Society
Airlines of the world that return to flights after weakening quarantine introduce new airborne rules. For example, queues for toilets on board will be prohibited. Take advantage of the amenities will only be possible "on request"

The largest European low-cost airline Ryanair hopes to resume 40% of its flights from July.

Irina Ziganshina

A new video posted on the airline’s YouTube channel explains what steps Ryanair takes to make flights as safe as possible and what travelers need to prepare for.

* Passengers are advised to check the temperature before traveling to the airport, register online and download the boarding pass to their smartphone.

* At the airport, travelers are required to wear face masks or something that replaces them, wash their hands and use hand sanitizer in the terminals, and also pass another temperature test.

* On board the aircraft it will be possible to purchase pre-packaged snacks and drinks, but only through bank transfer.

* Queues of toilets on board will be prohibited. It will be possible to take advantage of conveniences "on demand".

* Wherever crowding is possible, at airports and on board, it will be necessary to maintain physical distance.

* Crew members will also wear masks.

Every night, airplanes will undergo a deep cleaning with chemicals whose disinfecting effect lasts for 24 hours. In addition, all Ryanair aircraft will be equipped with HEPA air filters similar to those used in resuscitation hospitals. The new rules will come into force if restrictions on flights to the EU are lifted.

Ryanair hopes that its daily schedule will consist of about 1000 flights, primarily to Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, where the tourist season, even in a very truncated form, is still possible.

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