Lump sum payment for the children: Pension Fund corrects its errors

Lump sum payment for the children: Pension Fund corrects its errors

Lump sum payment for the children: Pension Fund corrects its errors

12 June 2020, 00:57
The information on the PF RF portal of the Russian Federation as of June 2, the organization received almost 13 million applications from families for a lump sum payment of 10,000 rubles for more than 18 million children aged 3 to 16 years.

It is clear that now this figure has increased, but there is no exact official data yet.

“The vast majority of applications have already been approved, parents began to receive the money on June 1”, - the article states. However, judging by the posts and comments of Russians on social networks (including the social networks of the PF of the Russian Federation itself), there are many who have encountered problems when applying for this lump sum payment.

One of the common cases - people began to receive SMS messages notifying that, for some unknown reason, "verification of information about the child according to the registry office registry data was not completed".

The same message also says:

“...In order to promptly make a decision on payment, we ask you (your representative) to contact the nearest PF RF Client Service within 3 days from the date of receipt of the message, providing personal insurance policy number (SNILS) of the applicant and the child’s birth certificate. When contacting, show this message to the customer service employee”.

Parents are rightly outraged that for some reason - in conditions where it is so important to take care and still restrict yourself in visiting crowded places - you need to personally come to the PF RF customer service, and even clearly within 3 days, although it was possible just send the documents by e-mail or re-send the application through the State Services (Gosuslugi) portal.

Anyway, people don’t understand why they need to spend time on the road (including at the height of the working day) and go somewhere, when now such a question can be easily resolved remotely, or - why then all these "electronic services"?

In addition, in the comments to the posts of the PF of the Russian Federation, parents mention cases when the application did not appear in their territorial branches of the PF, and the status in the personal account on the State Service (Gosuslugi) portal does not change - “it was delivered to the PFR information system”, and that’s all.

Of course, it is often written that it is simply impossible to get through to the PF RF branches and find out the information directly.

Here are a few examples from comments from the official website of the PF RF on Facebook (spelling and punctuation saved):

Tatyana Aripova: Today I received a refusal to pay. They write that the child is not a citizen of the Russian Federation. If not a citizen, if you received citizenship through the embassy?

Olesya Filatova: Good afternoon! I applied for 2 children, but the payment came only for one. All data is correct in the statement.

The correspondent of NI, which also encountered the wording of unconfirmed information on the child and wanted to receive an official comment from the Fund’s representatives, contacted the PFRF’s press service, where it was recommended to write to the Pension Fund’s social networks that they “respond there faster”. They really answered quickly - by providing a link to publicly available information from the official website of the PF RF and advising you to contact the regional office, where it was impossible to get through...


Also, on June 1, the author wrote a request to the official email of the PF RF -, asking for a comment from the representative of the PF RF about what to do to people who are in this situation and why it is imperative to personally come to PF RF , but did not wait for an answer.

However, it is already obvious that the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation did not disregard a shaft of comments about problems with processing and receiving a lump-sum payment and carried out “work on errors”, because the following useful information appeared on the social networks of the Fund:

“On issues related to applying, parents can send an appeal through the electronic service of the Pension Fund of Russia, specially designed and launched to provide information support and advice on a one-time payment for children”

“Dear parents! If you have any questions regarding a one-time payment for children from 3 to 16 years old, use the PF RF electronic service: /. You do not need to contact the PF RF customer service. If the solution to your question requires a visit to the FIU, we ask you to make an appointment in advance:»

The PFR of the Russian Federation also recommends using the same electronic service “in case of an error when making a lump sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years old”.


It is clarified that “you do not need to file a second application. To provide the correct information, use the electronic service"

Note that the correspondent of “NI” took advantage of this advice and sent a notification about the problem through this service.

As a result, literally twenty minutes later an answer was received with an apology, and 10,000 rubles were transferred to the card in two days. So, the personal experience is such: it works!

PF RF emphasize:

“According to the current regulations, applications are considered within five business days, funds are transferred within three business days. Registration on the State Services (Gosuslugi) Portal is not required to submit a request”.

“You can apply for a lump sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years old only through the State Service portal:


In addition, the PF RF recommends: “When applying for a lump sum payment for children, pay attention to the conditions for its receipt. The necessary explanations about the payment and answers to frequently asked questions can be obtained here”.

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