Novye Izvestia's Investigation: which officials and how exactly destroy the forests in New Moscow

Novye Izvestia's Investigation: which officials and how exactly destroy the forests in New Moscow
Novye Izvestia's Investigation: which officials and how exactly destroy the forests in New Moscow
12 August 2020, 12:00Society
The documents at the disposal of the editorial office of NI say only one thing: bureaucratic structures controlled by the Moscow government and personally by Sergey Sobyanin were unable to protect the specially protected natural area from illegal logging and multibillion-dollar damage to the city and its inhabitants.

Oleg Goryunov

Controlled chaos has occurred and is still happening at the OOZT - this abbreviation in Russian language means the Specially Protected Green Area of Moscow.

In fact, the non-sounding abbreviation OOZT is a forest, which, as if by magic, at the time of its transfer to the Moscow authorities in 2012, turned into a specially protected green area.

After 8 years of ownership of this land by the TiNAO Prefecture (Prefecture of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts), the forest turned into this:

Фильтрат, вытекающей с незаконной свалки строительного и бытового мусора в районе поселения Первомайское (ТиНАО)

Dmitry Nabokin is in charge of the prefecture of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, it was he who signed the document that gave impetus to a certain firm - ANO MOTOPARK to rampage in the forest: to cut down healthy trees instead of dead wood and bring construction and household waste to the wasteland.

Распоряжение Д.Набокина о комплексном "обустройстве особо охраняемой зеленой территории площадью 40 га"

As a rule, Moscow officials sign documents that are fatal for the townspeople and the surrounding nature, as a rule, in December - this is their tradition. So Mr. Nabokin on December 15, 2017 ordered to "equip" 40 hectares of forest in the area of the Pervomayskoye settlement.

На сайте префектуры ТиНАО Дмитрий Набокин изображен под двумя портретами - В.В.Путина И С.С.Собянина, при этом портрет президента России почему-то "обрезан", а мэра Москвы - нет

Officials are obliged to make the December orders and orders public, they are published on various state sites and in the state media, but no one reads them - New Year's chores make Moscow residents be distracted by completely different concerns. This is what the city authorities are using, skillfully using.

The order of the Prefect of the TyNAO D. Nabokin was followed by a "competition" for the right to equip 40 hectares of forest-protected areas. We put the word “competition” in quotation marks, because we cannot call a competition a tender in which only one contender participates to win.

So, according to the results of the "competition", the victory was won by ANO MOTOPARK - a non-profit autonomous organization with zero revenue, profit and cost...

ANO MOTOPARK (with zero revenue, profit and cost) as a "arrangement" of a specially protected green area suggests to the TiNAO prefecture to create on 40 hectares of forest ... an international motorcycle route. It should have looked like this:

"Обустройство" леса по-чиновничьи

The project of creating an international motorcycle track with three-story stands on 40 hectares of forest was of interest to the prefecture of the TyNAO and already on August 3, 2018 between the land balance holder of the State Budgetary Institution "DO TZF TiNAO" (Prefecture of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts.) in Moscow and the ANO SKTs ("Sports and Cultural Center" - the author of the article) MOTOPARK signed a contract for the improvement of the above territory.

To make it clear: the State Budgetary Institution "DO TZF TiNAO" of Moscow is a state budgetary institution, the Directorate for Maintenance of the Territories of the Green Fund of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts of the City of Moscow. This Directorate, called upon by duty to maintain and protect the forests of New Moscow, is subordinate to the prefecture of the TyNAO, that is, the very same Dmitry Vladimirovich Nabokin, the prefect of the TiNAO...

In accordance with the Agreement, ANO SKC MOTOPARK must develop and submit a project of complex improvement, in accordance with which all work will be carried out. However, to date, the project for the integrated improvement of the specially protected green area of the city of Moscow with an area of 40 hectares within the boundaries of the land plot with cadastral number 77: 00: 0000000: 67543 has not been approved.

Another organization, the Moskomarkhitektura, was supposed to coordinate the plans of MOTOPARK, but this department gave a negative conclusion to the plans of the destroyers of specially protected green areas.

Подписал документ А.Ю.Сухов

Despite the negative opinion of Moskomarkhitektura, on November 29, 2018, the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow issued an order to ANO SKTs MOTOPARK to cut down dead trees in the amount of 4155 pieces.

How could this happen?

We do not know, but we do know for sure that Anton Olegovich Kulbachevsky is still in charge of this department.

Кульбачевский Антон Олегович имеет награды: Почётный знак Министерства природных ресурсов и экологии Российской Федерации "За отличие в службе", Почётная грамота Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере природопользования, Памятный нагрудный знак "100 лет со дня рождения Адмирала Флота Советского Союза Н.Г.Кузнецова"

Why are the subordinates of such an honored statesman as A.O. Kulbachevsky? did not know or forgot about the current Decree of the Moscow Government dated August 26, 2015 No. 529-PP "On the procedure for the comprehensive improvement of natural green areas in the city of Moscow", which requires approval of the improvement project before any work begins, it is difficult to say, but one way or another, permission For deforestation in the specially protected green area, ANO MOTOPARK received and cut down 624 trees and 114 shrubs in excess of the norm.

"Здесь птицы не поют, деревья не растут"

Судя по "черным меткам", кто-то планировал уничтожить не 4155 деревьев, а более 9-ти тысяч (фото сделано "НИ" в конце июля 2020 года)
О деревьях без меток тоже позаботились - бульдозером им отрубили половину корневой системы...

The disappearance of the forest was noticed not by the authorities, but only by local residents. The chaos controlled by the firm hand of the lumberjack met their fierce resistance - residents of the villages of Lira, Druzhba, Otdykh, NIAT, Pervomayskoye, Ivanovskoye, Sokolovo and the multi-storey residential complex Novo-Nikolskoye, desperate that officials did not hear them and did not want to hear them , wrote a video message to the head of state, Vladimir Putin:

They managed to stop deforestation - either Vladimir Putin intervened in the matter, or the prefect of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas remembered that not only the portrait of the mayor of Moscow hangs over his head in his office...

But controlled chaos is chaos, so that the inhabitants of 8 settlements of New Moscow will suffer a new attack - they begin to take garbage to the place where until recently there was a forest.

It's time to tell about the answers of another Moscow organization, to which Muscovites turned for help, it is supervised by the Deputy Mayor of the capital, Pyotr Biryukov - we are talking about the OATI of Moscow.

"НИ" известно, кто и откуда привозил строительный мусор
Незаконная свалка мусора в ТиНАО существует до сих пор

OATI is the Association of Administrative and Technical Inspections. To understand what kind of organization it is and how it works, we will give just one of the answers to the complaints of the townspeople about the lawlessness that reigns in the territory of New Moscow, this document:

The responses to the request of the residents of New Moscow to restore order, to stop the illegal import of construction waste and soil to the place where a forest grew a year and a half ago, looked approximately the same.

В начале своего письма начальник АТИ по ТиНАО В.В.Титов сообщает, что, цитата: "фактов завоза грунта и строительного мусора не установлено"
В конце своего письма начальник АТИ по ТиНАО В.В.Титов сообщает, что, цитата: "АНО СКЦ "МОТОПАРК" выдано предписание по уборке участка от строительного и бытового мусора"...

It is no coincidence that we called the import of construction waste into the green territory "specially protected" by Moscow illegal, - here is the answer of the Construction Department about the legality of such actions on the part of ANO MOTOPARK:

Департамент строительства "на перемещение грунта разрешения не выдавал"

The interlocutor of NI - Vladimir Yurchev, leader of the Initiative Group of the residential complex "Novo-Nikolskoye", reported an interesting detail of what was happening before his eyes:

- As soon as we saw the trucks, we called the police, as soon as we called the police, the trucks in a hurry left the unauthorized dump, and those that drove up with the load began to move in a circle, waiting for the moment when the police and we would leave. We followed one of the trucks, it was unloading construction waste from us, and then drove for a new one to the Michurinets platform, where the construction of Moscow Central Diameter number 4 is underway - from Aprelevka to Zheleznodorozhny.

Vladimir provided us with photo proofs of his words:

Загрузка грузовика
Информационный щит с надписью РЖДСТРОЙ
РДЖСТРОЙ - все верно!

We in no way want to accuse Russian Railways of participating in an illegal garbage dump on the territory of New Moscow. We just want to note that even simple "operational" actions of ordinary townspeople can reveal a lot in the history of illegal actions of "unidentified persons", as representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the prosecutor's office wrote and are writing in all reports.

The fact is that as a result of numerous complaints from residents about illegal actions, a criminal case No. 1190140137000138 was initiated under Part 3 of Article 260 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which has not yet been completed, the perpetrators have not been found. But illegal logging and illegal storage of garbage in a specially protected green area resulted in huge damage to the state.

According to official data alone, it is about 100 million rubles (all documents confirming this are at the disposal of the editorial office).

By the way, the residents of the affected settlements themselves account for losses in a different way: here are their considerations and calculations, which they sent to the prefect of the TyNAO D.V. Nabokin:

"We also inform you that according to the data of the Prosecutor's Office of the Troitsk Administrative District, a plot of 25x12 meters and an average height of 0.5 with a total volume of about 150 cubic meters was found covered with soil and construction fire. The letter says that the environment was damaged in the total amount of 14,242 800 rubles.

On 03.10.2019, the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow carried out an on-site survey of the land plot of the specially protected green area of the city of Moscow in the settlement of Pervomayskoye. In the course of the survey, it was found that on this land plot of the PAZT was carried out the delivery of waste (ground soil, brick and concrete battle) with a total volume of 114,000 cubic meters. m.

That is, as of 03.10.2019, 760 times more waste has been delivered than was revealed in March 2019. As of 01.19.2020, this volume is about 130,000 cubic meters. m. And the calculation of the amount of damage in rubles according to a simplified scheme looks like this:

150 cc m. - 14,242,800 rubles.

130,000 cubic meters m. - 12 343 760 000 rubles".

The damage, thus, according to local conservationists, amounts to more than 12 billion rubles, and only one suspect has been questioned in the criminal case - ensign V.N.Kadimyan, a policeman-driver of the FKU GTSIKHITO of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and even his "possible involvement "the crime was never established...

By the way, the head of ANO MOTOPARK is Artur Khalikov, and before him this company was headed by a man named Popov. It all seems to us to have something to do with the criminal case. In any case, Vyacheslav Yemelyanov, the former project manager for the creation of the International Motorcycle Track in the forest, spoke in the TiNAO Prefecture, talking about how good and great everything would be. However, later - in the spring of this year - he said in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Yurchev, the leader of the Initiative Group of the Novo-Nikolskoye residential complex (the recording of this conversation is at the disposal of the editorial board of "NI") that he was leaving, here is the transcript of this conversation, words of V. Emelyanov are in bold, but V. Yurchev's words are not:

- At the first meeting, I immediately said that if I find out that there is a scam, I will leave. Two weeks ago, I, and Kiryanov Alexander Alekseevich, my friend and director, left, because they tried to put noodles on our ears, to put it mildly, everything is more complicated there than even you thought: today it is one big scam.

- Arthur and Levon come, they are trying to press on someone. The decision at the meeting will be all residents, so put pressure on me - it will be more expensive for itself.

- What is the scam of this so-called project? Have you seen who is the founder of this "Motor Park"? Popov Valery Vladimirovich. The other two - no one to call them - both are taxi drivers - a fiction for a "stick". Valera (Popov) wanted to bail out money for construction, and when it turned out that nothing could be built there, he took it and sold it to the Armenians. He sold them for the delivery of soil. We made a project, a good project. Now Lyova and Arthur are trying to put pressure on the designers to import the soil. There is no delivery of soil in the project.

- It cannot be a priori.

- Naturally. They are trying to make adjustments to the project in order to bring about 500 thousand cubic meters of soil. The designers sent them specifically, but they threaten them with both courts and physical harm, but we will deal with this...

Due to the fact that the investigation could not find out anything, "unidentified persons" who cut down a healthy forest and brought in soil and debris in its place, could not establish, and those who, due to the duty of public service, "did not see" and did not stop the lawlessness, did not determine, the Muscovites have accumulated many questions that they asked the Moscow city prosecutor's office, here they are:

The answer of the Moscow prosecutor's office deserves to be published as well - it contains not a word about officials and criminals, but only about the difficulties that the investigation had to face:

So, from the response of the prosecutor's office follows the quote: "In connection with the complexity of the investigation, the need for a large number of investigative actions, the need for expert examinations", etc. the case was transferred from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Investigative Committee.

Подписал этот документ прокурор А.Н.Бутов

Well, God bless him - with a criminal case!

And what do the authorities answer to people, how do they cope or do not cope with ANO MOTOPARK?

Here the Prefect of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas informs those who turned to him for help that concrete blocks were installed in front of the entrance to the former forest and even ... a trench was dug so that no one could import and export anything to the "specially guarded" one, and this - everything the prefecture could do.

Don't believe me? Here is a document signed by Dmitry Nabokin himself:

"Достижения" властей Новой Москвы

Who is managing this chaos that reigns in New Moscow, if the prefect all he can do is to dig a trench against the villains, and even set concrete blocks on their way?

But even OATI of Moscow addressed him with a proposal to terminate the contract with ANO MOTOPARK in connection with numerous violations of the law!

Dmitry Nabokin, apparently, is not even going to break off relations with the gentlemen-entrepreneurs from ANO MOTOPARK - the prefecture is considering the implementation of a new project by the same company, it is called the Park of Three Generations ...

All this does not look like an accident or carelessness of a civil servant, because he has a bosses, without whom Dmitry Vladimirovich would hardly have dared to take such a bold step, and, apparently, they are - the bosses are not against the further development of forest resources (OOZT) of New Moscow.

What makes us think so?

Everything is very simple: the prosecutor's office sent messages to those who stand over the prefect of the TiNAO that something needs to be done in the settlement of Pervomayskoye, sent not to anyone, but to Natalya Alekseevna Sergunina, the deputy mayor of Moscow, sent them almost a year and a half ago, but and it didn't help ...

Письмо Прокуратуры г. Москвы

He intervened in the scandalous story of the unpunished destruction of the forest and the creation of an illegal dump under the noses of the amazed and desperate local authorities of Muscovites and ... Sberbank, yes, yes. The fact is that Sberbank owns 70% of apartments in one of the 6 affected settlements of New Moscow - we are talking about the Novo-Nikolskoye residential complex.

Письмо Сбербанка, адресованное заместителю мэра Москвы Петру Бирюкову, стр.1
Письмо Сбербанка, адресованное заместителю мэра Москвы Петру Бирюкову, стр.2

The letter from Sberbank, addressed to Sergei Sobyanin's deputy, Pyotr Biryukov, is one of many appeals stating that the following conditions were created for its residents in New Moscow, a quote:

- unfavorable living conditions;

- damage to the forest belt protecting Muscovites from the noise of the M-3 "Ukraine" Federal Highway;

- environmental standards were violated near the water intake center of the Novo-Nikolskoye residential complex.

The residents of 6 settlements, which the authorities were unable to protect from the arbitrariness of ANO MOTOPARK, in contrast to the prosecutor's office and Sberbank, do not hide the fact that the blame for what is happening lies, at least, on the prefect of the TiNAO D.V. Nabokin.

We will cite only a "squeeze" of their statements, addressed to the state official, who received his post by order of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, here they are:

- "I got acquainted with your reply letter (dated 27.02.2020 No. 09-01-20-442 / 20), the residents are extremely outraged, because they did not receive the answers in essence to the questions posed to you in our appeal";

- "Residents believe that your actions, and more your inaction, embitter people, dishonor the State authorities of the city of Moscow and the Prefecture of the TiNAO in particular";

- "The exact amount of damage in rubles can and should be determined at your request by the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow";

- "How did the Prefecture of the Tynevsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas of the city of Moscow, the ATI for the TiNAO and Novomoskovsky administrative areas of the city of Moscow, the State Budgetary Institution" DO TZF TiNAO "allowed the destruction of the state specially protected green area of the city of Moscow in the settlement of Pervomayskoye, with cadastral number 77: 00: 0000000: 67543 for a year the responsibility and the state approach to state property ?!

- "The absence of your control and control of the director of the State Budgetary Institution" DO TZF TyNAO "over the execution of the contract immediately led to a number of serious violations";

- "We demand from you an answer to the questions: how could it have happened that in the controlled Prefecture of the Tynevsky Autonomous Okrug, the State Budgetary Institution" DO TZF TiNAO "and ANO SKTS" MOTOPARK "of the state Specially Protected Green Area (OZT) of the city of Moscow to the settlement of Pervomayskoye, with a cadastral number: 77: 00: 0000000: 67543 from February 2019 to March 2020, live trees and shrubs were cut down and destroyed (in addition to those indicated in the instructions of the Moscow City Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Committee); how could it have happened that from February 2019 to January 2020, almost around the clock, daily construction dump trucks were brought in waste, trash?"

- "In our opinion, you have not taken the measures in full, and the measures taken are not effective . We ask you and demand to ensure the rule of law!"

The worst thing is that the construction of a motorcycle track or "Park of three generations" in New Moscow quite legally fits into the plans of the capital's officials and such companies as ANO MOTOPARK.

The thing is that in 2019, by the Decree of the Government of Moscow No. 1457-PP dated 11.11.2019 "On Amendments to the Legal Acts of the City of Moscow", a list of what can be done in the so-called OZT, a clause was introduced on the possibility of building objects in the forests capital construction for physical culture and health purposes, which are not objects of capital construction",- understand it as you want.

Ответственными за исполнение ПП№1457 С.Собяниным были назначены: П.П.Бирюков, А.Н.Горбенко и В.В.Ефимова

The document was signed by the Mayor of Moscow S.S. Sobyanin.

On the pages of Sergei Sobyanin in social networks, residents of the Pervomayskoye settlement published an invitation to the mayor to visit the site of the forest death in New Moscow:

So far, no response has been received from the mayor of the capital, who appears in public mainly in the places where new flyovers and metro stations are opened.

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