45% of citizens lie for a career

45% of citizens lie for a career
45% of citizens lie for a career
12 October 2021, 09:22Society
55% of the participants in the survey conducted by the Rabota.ru service stated that they had never cheated in business matters. The remaining 45% admitted that they had to tell a lie to achieve their career goals.

In the research results, cited by RIA Novosti, it is said that 11% of respondents consider lying to be acceptable at work. 35% of the respondents said that this is, in principle, permissible, and everything depends on the situation. 54% of study participants strongly dislike lying for the sake of a career.

33% noted that in their experience, lying about work issues caused conflicts with colleagues or management. As a rule, this concerns the reasons for delays - 18%, poor quality of work or missed deadlines - 10%, reasons for dismissal - 7%.

5% of survey participants admitted to telling lies about their skills. 3% each kept secret an office romance, misappropriation of employer's money or deceiving clients. Exactly half said that they had never lied on the above reasons.

As their examples, the respondents talked about deceiving Rai's bosses with slop to colleagues or for an unplanned time off.

Earlier in a study of another job and personnel search service, HeadHunter, it was said that in order to find a higher-paying job, 45% of Russians agree to move to another region. Basically, IT specialists agree to such a step - there are 60% of them.

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