Did he keep the bed or the seal? Who actually was Mikhalkov's ancestor in the 17th century

Did he keep the bed or the seal? Who actually was Mikhalkov's ancestor in the 17th century
Did he keep the bed or the seal? Who actually was Mikhalkov's ancestor in the 17th century
13 June, 12:55SocietyPhoto: Соцсети
According to the new version of the film director, his distant ancestor served in the Kremlin as the keeper of the royal seal, while earlier Mikhalkov claimed that he was the royal bed-keeper.

A funny conflict arose as a result of awarding the director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov with the Order of the Hero of Labor, which Vladimir Putin presented to him in the Kremlin on June 12. During the ceremony, the president said, in part:

“Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov told an amazing story about the connection between times and generations. His ancestor was the keeper of the seal of the first of the Romanovs. From about the same time, it was documented by church records that my ancestors were simple peasants, and then simple workers. And it’s a great honor for me to be present at today’s ceremony…”

These words did not go unnoticed by social networks. For example, Mikhalkov's colleague in the acting department, Stanislav Sadalsky, was surprised at the miraculous metamorphosis that occurred in the pedigree of the freshly baked laureate, writing in his blog:

“Previously, great-great-great-great-grandfather was a bed-keeper with the king,” Nikita himself said. The duties of the bedkeeper were to monitor the cleanliness and decoration of the royal bedroom. And, finally, and most importantly, the bed-keeper remained in the king's bedroom all night. Today, when a hero was awarded a star, his ancestor suddenly became the keeper of the royal seal. Dreamer…"

As an explanation of what the duties of the bedkeepers were, the author cited a wonderful passage from the History of Russia by Boris Akunin.

True, Sadalsky, despite this inconsistency, congratulated his colleague, wishing him to stay in Russia: “I congratulate Nikita Sergeevich anyway. I would like to hope that the new awardees will not be able to rush to Israel, to the Czech Republic, to Italy after the old awardees..."

But the popular journalist Anastasy Mironova was sincerely offended by Mikhalkov:

“... Mr. Mikhalkov sincerely, with all his being, is sure that we are all impostors here, including Putin, and he, Mikhalkov, should stand on the podium. We are to sweep the dust off his boots. All. Including Putin. The Bolsheviks were cannibals, but never fools. Class consciousness! Here it is! He will thump at your feet, but even down there, from under your boot, he will continue to look at you like you are at Sharikov..."

However, this is far from the first somersault committed by Mikhalkov. So, quite recently, he again criticized the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg, saying that this museum corrupts Russian youth and should be recognized as a foreign agent. Meanwhile, the widow of the first president of Russia, Naina Yeltsina, remarked on this occasion: “I am deeply outraged by these statements by Mikhalkov. And not only because they are false, having nothing to do with either the Yeltsin Center or its activities. It is striking that for several months now he has been spreading lies about how the history of the country is presented in the museum of the first President of Russia, not hesitating to pull elements of the exposition out of context, label and directly insult people who worked for the good of our country in those years. I remember how Nikita Mikhalkov was a confidant of Boris Nikolaevich in the 1996 elections and then he assessed the reforms of the 90s and the contribution of the “Yeltsin team” to the construction of a new Russia in a completely different way..."

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