Media: the Ambassador Plenipotentiary Yuri Trutnev arrived in protesting Khabarovsk

Media: the Ambassador Plenipotentiary Yuri Trutnev arrived in protesting Khabarovsk

13 July 2020, 12:30SocietyPhoto:
Deputy Prime Minister, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, arrived in Khabarovsk with a non-public visit. For two days, actions were held in the city in support of the arrested governor Sergey Furgal.

The plenipotentiary arrived on Sunday, Kommersant reports, citing its sources. The interlocutor of the publication indicates that Trutnev was in the Reception House when the next rally at the White House was completed. Trutnev did not meet with the protesters.

According to the source, the envoy met with the heads of law enforcement agencies. After he held a closed meeting with officials of the regional government. Sources of the publication indicate that the envoy could accuse officials of organizing protests and demanded their immediate termination.

Eyewitnesses claim that they saw Grigory Kuranov, the deputy envoy in the macro region, not far from the protesters. Political scientists call him a candidate for the post of acting governor.

To date, information on the meetings and the work plan of Trutnev in Khabarovsk is closed.

The interlocutors of the publication indicate that the envoy may feel a threat to his career in connection with the ongoing protests, seek compromises with local elites.

Recall that on July 9, Khabarovsk Territory Governor Sergei Furgal was detained and taken to Moscow. He is suspected of organizing two murders and attempted murder. On the streets of Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Bikin, Elban people began to go out demanding the release of the head of the region. In Khabarovsk, an action in support of Furgal gathered, according to some estimates, about 20 thousand participants.

The regional government was forced to appeal to residents not to succumb to provocations, as anti-government slogans began to sound in the crowd. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters themselves stopped the attempts of provocateurs to agitate people to shout such slogans.

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