Who benefits from imprisoning Combat General Muslim Dakhkhayev again?

Who benefits from imprisoning Combat General Muslim Dakhkhayev again?
Who benefits from imprisoning Combat General Muslim Dakhkhayev again?
14 January 2021, 11:29Society
In relation to the Knight of the Order of Courage, Combat General Muslim Dakhkhayev, who saved 25 riot police from militants, one after another absurd criminal cases are stamped out. The reason, most likely, lies in the fact that persons in high positions are afraid of a principled officer.

Dakhkhayev is known for the fact that in September 1999, being the head of the Novolakskiy ROVD of Dagestan, he came up with a plan to rescue riot policemen who fell under heavy fire from Basayev and Khattab militants. Twenty policemen, led by Dakhkhayev, took up defensive positions in the building of the ROVD. At that time, the militants, and there were about two thousand of them, had already attacked the House of Culture, in which 25 riot policemen from Lipetsk were quartered. The Basayevites planned to exchange some of the riot police for militants held in Russian prisons, and to execute the others demonstratively. At the beginning of the operation, Basayev said that he would keep the policemen alive if they surrender them to the riot police. But Dakhkhayev did not go for it. On the contrary, he managed to get the riot police out of the fire, repelling the attack for 24 hours. In this case, seven people were injured, two were killed.

20 years later - in September 2019 - the ex-head of Dagestan Magomedali Magomedov, during the celebrations in connection with the 20th anniversary of the defeat of the Basayev and Khattab militant gangs, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to confer the title of "Hero of Russia" on Dakhkhayev. Then more than 10 thousand signatures were collected in support of this initiative.

However, soon, both in the power and criminal groups of Dagestan, false information appeared that Dakhkhayev, having received the award and the rank of lieutenant general, plans to occupy one of the highest posts in the republic. At that time, he was the head of the FSIN department in the Rostov region. A number of officials were frightened by the information about the alleged upcoming appointment of Dakhkhayev, known for his integrity and integrity, and decided to “destroy” him: two months after the celebrations on the occasion of the defeat of the militant gangs, a criminal case was opened against the general for disclosing state secrets. At a closed trial, Dakhkhaev was sentenced to two years in a penal colony. At the same time, he himself did not admit his guilt and was sure that the case was fabricated.

However, this is not all. Four months before Dakhkhayev's release, two more criminal cases were initiated against him for abuse of office. The investigation believes that the then head of the Dagestan Federal Penitentiary Service, Dakhkhayev, approximately in the period from 02.07.2014 to 28.07.2015, illegally removed two convicts from the colony-settlement to the household of his mother for repairs. The second episode is similar, only five convicts have already appeared in it and the period from 05/16/2014 to 02/13/2017.

It is hard to believe that Dakhkhayev could have committed crimes. But if this did take place, then the investigator, according to the law, had to close the case due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, since the crimes incriminated to Dakhkhayev are of medium severity (the statute of limitations for them is 6 years). “The fact is that the investigation indicates the possible time of the commission of the “crimes” approximately (presumably!) From July 2014 to February 2017, and according to part 3 of Article 49 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation,“ irrepressible doubts about the guilt of a person are interpreted in favor of the accused”, - notes the publicist Oleg Lurie.

Dakhkhayev also fell under the 2015 amnesty. But despite this, the investigation demanded to take him into custody from November 13, 2020 - from the moment of his release from the colony-settlement. This was justified by the fact that Dakhkhayev allegedly "can continue to commit crimes".

In addition, the convicts whom Dakhkhaev allegedly involved in repair work in his mother's house deny this. Lawyer Bakri Bakriyev does not understand "on what legal basis this ordered criminal case against the military general appeared".

It is also striking that the court of the Sovetsky district of Makhachkala took into account the fact that Dakhkhayev "is a participant in hostilities, has awards, including state awards, has wounds received during the hostilities" and decided to choose a preventive measure against him in the form of imprisonment into custody. "The severity of the charge and the possibility of punishment in the form of imprisonment for a long term... are sufficient evidence..." - Judge Adziev said.

According to Dakhkhayev, high-ranking officials are behind the fabrication of cases against him. At the session of the Supreme Court of Dagestan on appeal against the detention, he mentioned the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia for the Southern Federal District Andrei Kikot: “Judges are subject only to the Constitution of Russia and federal laws - no one else. You cannot make decisions at the direction of someone. And in my criminal case, your honor, the judge (Adziev) was frightened by threats from one of the heads of the General Prosecutor's Office by the name of Kikot. I do not hide this. I get a lot of information from those people from whom I should receive it. He has certain pressure on the court, on the prosecutor's office, on the investigative committee".

The interest of high-ranking officials is not to give Dakhkhayev the opportunity to name names, facts and provide evidence of their corruption by any means. In particular, it is known that Dakhkhayev unraveled a complex scheme for the flow of drugs into the zone and contacted two high-ranking generals.

“Also, according to Dagestani sources, the criminal cases against General Dakhkhayev could probably be supervised by the now former head of the legal department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation Artur Zavalunov, whom journalists consider the“ decisive ”of the most delicate issues, and colleagues call him“ Zavalun Zavalunych”, - writes Express newspaper.

At the same time, an interesting fact is that last week a number of federal publications and telegram channels received proposals to publish negative materials about Dakhkhayev. They were asked to write that the officer "fell low" and "slipped from a war hero to a corrupt official". At the same time, the texture of the materials did not correspond to reality. By the way, the provocation has not yet been crowned with success. Therefore, the hope remains that the law will prevail and Dakhkhayev will be rehabilitated.

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