In Vyazma, nearly a hundred people fell ill with coronavirus in a nursing home

In Vyazma, nearly a hundred people fell ill with coronavirus in a nursing home

14 April 2020, 16:51SocietyPhoto:
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is the most dangerous for the elderly. In Italy, Spain, and now in the UK, many deaths were recorded primarily when the infection got into nursing homes. In this regard, the incident that occurred in the city of Vyazma in the east of the Smolensk region is a great danger.

Repeated testing confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection in 33 people who had contact with a sick employee of a nursing home for the elderly and disabled in Vyazma, the regional headquarters for combating coronavirus reports. According to preliminary testing, we can even talk about 86 infected.

Earlier, the federal operational headquarters reported that the number of cases in the Smolensk region per day increased by 34. It turns out that most of them are infected elderly residents of Vyazma. It is noted that so far, fortunately, the infection manifests itself in them without symptoms. In total, about 300 people live and work in the boarding school.

Last day, the governor of Smolensk region Alexei Ostrovsky dismissed the deputy head of the region’s health department, as well as the head physician of the Vyazemsky Central District Hospital. The deputy head of the department, Kristina Ryabkova, was already on vacation abroad during the introduction of restrictive measures and did not interrupt him in order to fulfill her official duty, RIA Novosti reports .

Employees of the chemical and radiological protection service of the GUMChS RF in the Smolensk region disinfected the boarding school. Now entry to Vyazma and exit from the city are limited, on the outskirts of the city there have been block posts of law enforcement officers.

Last week, the governor of the Smolensk region, Alexei Ostrovsky, ordered all residents of other regions crossing the border of the region to immediately leave for a mandatory two-week self-isolation regime.

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