Bloggers "sent" Dmitry Kiselyov for treatment to Germany

Bloggers "sent" Dmitry Kiselyov for treatment to Germany
Bloggers "sent" Dmitry Kiselyov for treatment to Germany
14 September, 14:29SocietyPhoto: Вести
LiveJournal bloggers, actively discussing the coronavirus infection of TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, began to spread messages that a patient with 25 to 50% lung damage was allegedly sent to Germany for treatment.

Netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that a TV presenter, propagandizing patriotism from the screen, could use the services of not domestic, but Western medicine.

However, the state media was quick to deny the bloggers' claims. They pointed out that Kiselyov had indeed contracted covid and was in fact hospitalized in a state of moderate severity, and therefore for the first time in 10 years missed the broadcast of Vesti Nedeli due to illness. However, Kiselyov did not go abroad for treatment.

As evidence, Vesti showed a report from the 52nd capital hospital, where Kiselyov is being treated. The camera lens captured a personal ward with a decent repair and recovery procedures that the patient is undergoing.

Kiselyov's attending doctors told reporters that the propagandist managed to avoid the severe consequences of covid thanks to the timely vaccination.

In an interview with Vesti, the chief physician of GKB 52 Maryana Lysenko recalled that vaccination protects a person from an aggressive course of the disease and from death. At the same time, according to her, among those who are admitted to the hospital with coronavirus, only 7 percent are vaccinated, and among them there are no those who need mechanical ventilation, they are not in danger of death or serious consequences that are caused by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, on the morning of September 14, it became known that the total number of covid infections in the world has reached 225 million cases, while more than 4.6 million people have died. Only 35 million people on the planet have been vaccinated.

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